10 unusual facts about animals

I present to your attention incredible and interesting facts from the life of animals.

1. An experiment by Jak Panksepp of Bowling Green University in Ohio showed that rats have tickling points, and if you tickle them, the animals will laugh.

2. Ravens are so smart that they can play pranks on each other.

3. Honey bees show their relatives where the best pollen can be found by dancing.

4. Each cow has a best friend with whom they graze together every day. Separation from a girlfriend can have a negative effect on the amount of milk a cow produces.

5. Most penguins have only one partner for life. In some species, the male even makes a “proposal” to the female, presenting a pebble as a gift.

6. A group of pugs are called grumblers. Other animals also have loud funny names: owls have parliament, porcupines have thorns ...

7. Otters have a pocket in their skin, where they store their favorite stones, which they use to break the hard shells of mollusks, getting food.

8. Cats often gently "butt" their head on your leg or any other part of the body that they can reach, just to remind you that they love you.

9. Sometimes dolphins try to rescue drowning people. There is also evidence that dolphins protect swimmers and surfers from shark attacks.

10. Squirrels adopt cubs of other squirrels if their parents have abandoned them.