25 mind-boggling facts about our world

Regardless of whether you are young or already of age, in this world there were, are and will be things and phenomena that you did not even know existed - this time we present you 25 stunning facts about our world.

1. Since 1916, it has been illegal to mail buildings in the United States. The law came after a man sent a 40-ton house across Utah to avoid high freight rates.

2. Rain and even a storm of frogs took place in a Mexican town in 1997.

3. You don't smell when you sleep.

4. Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before going into space, as the gases in the spacesuit can damage it.

5. Crocodiles are smarter than we thought. They specifically swallow stones in order to dive to great depths.

6. Bhutan is such a mysterious country that no one even knows exactly how many people live in it, because the last census was held in 1975.

7. Adult polar bears usually eat only the skin and fat of their prey. And they leave the meat to cubs and scavengers. These are such caring predators.

8. Some Eskimos use the refrigerator to keep food from freezing. It's so cold there.

9. There is about 200 times more gold in the oceans than it has been mined in our entire history.

10. William Shakespeare pronounced his name in several different ways.

11. Lion tamers often use chairs, because lions can only focus on one target, which they attack. And when four chair legs simultaneously approach these formidable predators, they are completely lost and retreat.

12. Before the eraser was invented, people used to erase pencil and ink with slices of bread.

13. Your brain is more active when you sleep than when you watch TV.

14. Hercules beetle weighs only one hundred grams, and can lift up to eight kilograms, which allows us to call it the strongest animal on Earth.

15. In Japan, there is a belief that if an umbrella is idle long enough, it turns into a one-eyed and one-legged jumping demon named Kasa Obake.

16. The world's first self-service restaurant in New York was only allowed to men. Customers ate while standing.

17. Birth control pills are suitable for gorillas.

18. Hummingbirds cannot walk.

19. The motto on license plates in New Hampshire is "Live Free or Die". And these signs are made by prisoners in the prison of this state.

20. The Bible does not mention the apple that Adam and Eve ate. There is only a mention of the fruit of a certain tree.

21. In France, it was forbidden to sell dolls without human faces.

22. The sum of the numbers on opposite sides of the dice is 7.

23. Canada is an Indian word that translates as "big village".

24. Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag is not square or rectangular.

25. To a person who holds a cup of hot drink in his hands, those around him also seem “warmer” - more friendly and generous.