Why are the buttons on men and women on different sides?

Why are the buttons on men and women on different sides? - a small article for those who asked such a question. Now in any store you can find a lot of clothes with buttons. It can be both women's blouses and sweaters, and men's jackets, as well as coats, jackets, raincoats. And on the clasps, you can also find many wardrobe items for both genders.

But here's what's interesting: buttons and various kinds of fasteners on men's clothing are located, it seems to us, absolutely logical, since most people use their right hand as a "working". It would seem that buttoning clothes from left to right is both convenient and logical.

And in clothes for women, the clasps and buttons are on the opposite side. And the reason is very, very common. In order to recognize it, you just need to turn to the past. Earlier, buttons were akin to expensive jewelry, because they were made of precious metals and decorated only with precious stones. What does the secret of the location of the buttons have to do with it?

And despite the fact that clothes with such chic buttons could only be afforded by those ladies who possessed untold wealth, and, therefore, had maids who dressed them. Here, in relation to the fastener, the buttons were located from left to right. The care for the service personnel has survived to this day.