Something about the "Matrix"

The film is ranked 14th in the twenty best films since 1992 according to Quentin Tarantino, and Tarantino said that the film took 2nd place on the list, but the second and third parts, according to the director, "destroyed the mythology of the picture", so the film took only 14th place in the ranking.

The scene in which the agents chase Neo through the marketplace is reminiscent of the chase after the man captured by the Puppeteer in Ghost in the Shell.

In 1999, it was still impossible to create a realistic looking flame on a computer, so to shoot the scene of the explosion of an elevator car, we had to build a scaled-down model of the hall of this building, turn it over, fill it with propane, set it on fire and shoot it on a high-speed camera, and then add a slowly flying door and other details. ... In the second and third films, the flame was already digital.

In the film, the numbers 1 and 3 are constantly encountered. It is believed that Neo is an anagram of the word "one", also the concept of "The Chosen" in English is "The One", and Trinity means "trinity". In another film by the Wachowski brothers - "V for Vendetta" - the number 5 appears.

The numbers of rooms in the film have some regularity. Trinity at the beginning of the film sits at a laptop in a hotel room at number 303. Neo's apartment is number 101. At the end of the film, Neo has to come to the same room 303 of the same hotel to leave the Matrix. Perhaps this symbolizes the connection between Neo and Trinity.

Matrix, Trinity, Morpheus, 303 and 101 are the names of legendary musical synthesizers (Oberheim Matrix, KORG Trinity, E-mu Morpheus, Roland TB-303 and SH-101).

In the film, the main characters use a Nokia 8110 mobile phone. In subsequent films, this model is replaced by a Samsung SPH N-270 phone model specially created for the film.

The heroes, being in the Matrix, move around in a 1965 Lincoln Continental.

Neo means "new" (derived from the Greek word).

Torah interpreters claim that the six days, in which God created the world, symbolize six millennia (epochs) of "darkness" on Earth, when God is hidden from people and evil reigns, and the seventh day - Shabbat (Saturday) - is a prototype of the seventh millennium, the era " light ”, a clear divine presence in everything (Shechina in Hebrew, or Glory of God in Russian). The millenniums are counted from the creation of the world, 1999 AD. corresponds to 5759 from cm. according to the Jewish calendar and refers to the last, sixth millennium of darkness, after which (and, according to the New Testament ideas, after the second coming of the Savior), there will come an era of light (the kingdom of heaven on earth), described by the prophets: “And they will beat their swords into plowshares ... and will not learn to fight more ”(Isa. 2: 4). In the film, a friend says to Neo "you saved me, you are my personal Jesus Christ", in the second episode the Architect informs him that the current Matrix is ​​the sixth in a row, and in the third episode Neo stops the war and seeks freedom for people to leave the Matrix (darkness).

Many names from the film not only have a historical basis, but are also symbolically coordinated in their plot combinations. So, for example, Morpheus - in ancient Greek mythology, the god of dreams, the son of Hypnos, the god of sleep. (It should be noted that Hypnos sends dreams, and Morpheus already brings dreams). In the "Matrix" Morpheus' ship is called "Nebuchadnezzar", after the king of Babylonia. According to legend, King Nebuchadnezzar tried to understand the meaning of his dreams.

The names of the main characters are consonant with computer terms:

Ipok (Epoch) - term of the computer world, denoting the starting point from January 1, 1970. From this moment the time is read in seconds in Unix, the so-called unixstamp format.

Switch is an operator that implements multivariate choice in some programming languages; also a device that allows you to build multiple-branched computer networks.

Mouse (Mouse) - computer mouse; used primarily on systems with a graphical user interface.

Oracle, Oracle (Oracle) is a common database management system (DBMS) using the SQL query language.

Captain Mifune - Consistent with the name of the function "myfun", sometimes used by programmers similarly to Hello World.

Link is the name of the computer connection.

The “matrix code” on monitors resembles falling figures in Tetris, and also one of the first viruses in the DOS environment - the “falling letters virus”, which caused characters to “shatter” on the screen.

There is a plaque on board the Nebuchadnezzar. It displays the name of the ship ("Nebuchadnezzar" - in English) and the date and place of its construction: USA, around 2069. Next to this inscription there is another one: "Mark III No. 11". If you refer to the corresponding verse in the Gospel of Mark, you can read:

And the unclean spirits, when they saw Him, fell before Him and cried out: You are the Son of God.

- Mark 3:11

The name of the rebellious city of Zion is derived from the hill of Zion, on which Jerusalem stands. For Jews, he is a symbol of the Promised Land.

At about the fourth minute of the film, there is a scene where Trinity, running away from Agent Brown, jumps from one roof to another. On the rooftop where it lands, the viewer can see a billboard that reads "GUNS". What is symbolic: the image of the pistol under this caption matches the model of the Israeli Military Industries' Desert Eagle - the weapon used by the agents of the Matrix throughout the film.

When, at the end of the film, Neo, running away from the agents, runs into the room of an elderly woman who knits and watches TV, we see an image on the TV screen - a man in a black coat. This is an excerpt from the 1967 American television show "The Prisoner".

A little earlier, when Neo just ran out of the metro station, he calls the operator and addresses him: “Mr. Wizard, get me out of here! " (“Hey, Magician and Wizard, get me out of here!” - in one of the translations). This phrase is a quote from the cartoon Tooter Turtle, released in 1960. According to the plot, this turtle had a familiar Mage ("Mr. Wizzard") (a lizard, according to the consonance of the words wizard and lizard), and every time the Trumpeter got into another binding, where he had a really hard time, he uttered this cherished phrase, after which the Magician usually "dragged" him home.

All intersection names (such as the corner of "Wells and Lake", where the pay phone is located, through which the Trinity Matrix leaves at the beginning of the film) are real and exist in the city of Chicago, where the Wachowski brothers were born. The subway station where Neo and Smith fight also exists in Chicago. However, none of the scenes in Chicago were filmed.

At the beginning of the film, Neo pulls out a computer disk from the book "Simulacra and Simulation" by Jean Baudrillard - this book is a popular critical theory that tries to explain where is "reality" and where is "imitation". Jean Baudrillard's theories and teachings are also widely used in the aforementioned anime "Ghost In The Shell". At the same time, Neo opens the book to the chapter "On Nihilism". In a first approximation, nihilism is a philosophical point of view, which is a denial of generally accepted values: ideals, moral norms, culture, forms of social life.

Joy (the guy who buys a CD from Neo at the beginning of the film) periodically speaks to Neo with "prophetic" phrases: "You don't exist ...", "You are my savior!" and so on. Also to the phrase of Neo “All my life I have the feeling that I don’t know whether I’m sleeping or not, ” he talks about mescaline, a psychedelic drug, one of the effects of which is the feeling of “awakening” from sleep, the whole previous life seems to be. This, in particular, was mentioned in the book "The Doors Of Perception" by Aldous Huxley.

In the room where Neo is waiting for the Oracle, the TV shows giant rabbits (1972 film Night of the Lepus), as Neo received a message at the beginning of the film that he should (like Alice in Wonderland) follow the white rabbit. This symbolizes that he is on the right track.

In the folder with Neo's personal file, which Agent Smith looks through, interrogating him, you can see some points of Neo's biography:

This folder was last updated on July 22, 1998.

He was born on March 11, 1962.

He was born in a place called Lower Downtown, Capitol City, FU, USA.

His mother's nee name was Michelle McGahey (as one of the film's art directors).

His father's name was John Anderson.

His passport is valid until September 11, 2001

He graduated from Central Western High School and Owen Paterson High School (Owen Paterson is a film production designer).

In the 1995 film Higher Education, Laurence Fishburne's first phrase (Morpheus in the Matrix) is the familiar phrase from The Matrix: "Welcome to the real world!"

In 1995, in the TV movie The Tuskegee Airmen, Laurence Fishburne's character already had a crew member named Tank.

Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) played the role of Liz Teel in the 1993 television series The Matrix. The title of this television series is not directly related to the movie "The Matrix".

In the movie The Lord of the Rings is played by two actors who played in The Matrix. Ugluk is played by Nathaniel Lees (in the Mifune matrix), Elrond is by Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith). Since these two films came out one after the other with an interval of 2 years, and Hugo played completely opposite roles in them, many anecdotes were invented with the participation of his characters. So, many jokes of this kind are present in the humorous translations of these films by the studio of God's spark ("Shmatritsa", "Brotherhood and the Ring").

Also, two actors from "The Matrix" play in the movie "Remember". Joe Pantoliano (Cypher) as Teddy, Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) as Natalie. Leonard, the main character of the film, is played by Guy Pearce, who is similar in size and age to Keanu Reeves. The hero of the film suffers from a rare form of amnesia. Guy Pearce also co-stars with Hugo Weaving, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

In the film "Good Bye, Lenin!" one of the main characters appears in a T-shirt, the drawing on which (green letters and numbers on a black background) is an allusion to the "Matrix", which was filmed, however, a decade after those described in the movie "Good Bye, Lenin!" events.

In ancient Greece, in the city of Delphi, there was the so-called Temple of Apollo, or Oracle. It was the most significant cult center of Hellas; many great thinkers, including Pythagoras (named after the Pythia) and Plato, turned here in different periods. The main soothsayer of the Oracle was called the Pythia, and on the Temple itself there were three inscriptions, which largely determined the paths of the philosophy of Ancient Greece. One of the inscriptions was: "Know thyself." In the film, the soothsayer is called Pythia, she is also a woman, and there is also an inscription "Know thyself" above the entrance to her habitat.

Merovingen's wife - Persephone, by analogy with the wife of Hades (the ancient Greek god of the underworld) from ancient Greek mythology, also hates him. The Merovingen, like Hades, has a carrier (the ancient Greeks - Charon), carrying other programs that must be destroyed.

The rooftop chase scene at the beginning of the film is very similar to the chase scene in Dark City.

The name "Merovingen" is consonant with the name of the first Frankish royal dynasty of the Merovingians and the name of its founder Merovey (Merovig). In the film, the Pythia tells Neo that this program is very ancient, and Merovingen himself says that he loves French.

The Matrix architect is remarkably similar in appearance and style to the creator of the Internet, Vinton Cerf, known for his fondness for classic white three-piece suits with a vest.

In the computer game Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death, various names and titles from the trilogy are used as cheat codes. For example nwcfollowthewhiterabbit - maximum luck, nwczion - buildings in all cities.

On the closing credits of the film “The Matrix. Revolution ”the mantra in Sanskrit sounds:“ Asato maa sad gamayat, Tamaso maa jyotir gamayat, Mrityor maa amritam gamayat. Om shanti shanti shantihiyya. " Translation of this mantra: “Lead me from ignorance to knowledge. Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from death to immortality. [Peace to body, mind and spirit] ”.

At the end of Part 3, "The Revolution, " the creature says "It is done!" - an allusion to (Revelation 21: 6).

The film is ranked 14th in the twenty best films since 1992 according to Quentin Tarantino, and Tarantino said that the film took 2nd place on the list, but the second and third parts, according to the director, "destroyed the mythology of the picture", so the film took only 14th place in the ranking.