Interesting facts about Chernobyl

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is located on the territory of Ukraine near the city of Pripyat, 16 km from the border with the Republic of Belarus and 110 km from Kiev.

• As a result of the explosion at reactor 4, 400 times more radioactive substances were released than during the bombing of Hiroshima.

• At the moment of the explosion, two station workers were killed. 31 people died in the first three months after the accident. In the next 15 years, according to official figures, 80 people died from radiation. According to unofficial ones, it is ten times more. More than 115 thousand people were evacuated from the 30-kilometer zone.

• Significant resources were mobilized to eliminate the consequences - more than 600 thousand people.

• Belarus received 70% of the radiation pollution from Chernobyl. In economic calculations, Belarus' losses amount to approximately $ 235 billion.

• So far, compensation is being paid to 7 million people.

• About 97% of the radioactive material from the 4th reactor is in the sarcophagus, which is still crumbling to this day. More than $ 2 billion is required to build a new sarcophagus.

• As a result of the accident, about 5 million hectares of land were withdrawn from agricultural use, a 30-kilometer exclusion zone was created around the NPP, hundreds of small settlements were destroyed and buried (buried with heavy equipment).

• The city of Pripyat was built in 1970. After the accident, it was declared unfit for habitation. Two years later, a new city of nuclear scientists was built - Slavutich.

• Since January 1, 2011, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine has opened the door for tourists to Chernobyl and Pripyat. According to Forbes magazine, the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was named the most exotic place for tourism on the planet.

• The sarcophagus erected over the fourth exploded power unit is gradually being destroyed. The danger in the event of a collapse is mainly determined by how much radioactive material is inside it. According to official figures, this figure reaches 95% of the amount that was at the time of the accident. If this estimate is correct, then the destruction of the shelter can lead to very large emissions.