6 surprising facts about drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles, also called "drones", are spreading at an unimaginable speed around the world, and every day they are becoming more complex and technologically advanced. Do you think you know everything about "drones"? Let's check.

We have prepared for you the most interesting and exciting facts, which are confirmed by the corresponding photographs.

Initially, UAVs - drones were created not for commercial, but for military purposes. They wanted to be used in military operations. Now the plan has been crowned with success, and some types of vehicles are successfully conducting reconnaissance, remaining unnoticed behind enemy lines, delivering pinpoint strikes at the enemy. Suppose that the platoon is ambushed and the ammunition is running out, help will not come soon, and the drone can easily deliver the ammunition to the site without being noticed.

Organization Secom - Japan, has developed an aircraft that is capable of speeds up to 10 km per hour and successfully copes with the role of a security guard. A small helicopter can take pictures of offenders and record the license plates of cars in the parking lot. The equipment can replace a dozen installed cameras and keep order. The price for such an acquisition, of course, is not affordable for all companies - $ 6, 620 plus $ 41 per month for maintenance. But who knows what will happen when the competition increases.

The postal company DHL tested the first device back in 2013. The goal is to deliver mail to difficult-to-pass areas. Already in 2014, such drones began to deliver en masse mail, which is protected by waterproof containers. Well-known companies such as Google and Amazon have already announced the purchase of such equipment.

Farmers from Japan and the United States continue to actively attract aerial vehicles to spray pesticides and fertilizers over fields. It costs much less than manual labor, and the efficiency increases significantly. Maybe in the near future, farmers and collective farmers will just watch how machines do all the work for them?

The city of Syktyvkar has successfully tested machines that deliver pizza to customers by air. The global company "Dodo Pizza" decided to attract customers in this way and there really is success. To get the pizza to its destination, you need to choose a route with minimal radio interference. You can order a product while on the square or in your apartment via the Internet, but you still have to go outside, since the drone will not fly to your window.

One of the students at the University of Delft has developed a miracle machine that weighs only 4 kg and is capable of flying at a speed of 100 km per hour. The main goal is to save the lives of heart patients in large cities, where there are many deaths due to untimely assistance. All the fault of traffic jams. But the "drone" can fly by air to its destination in a matter of minutes with a defibrillator, where an instruction manual will be attached. The person contacts the operator of the device and makes a call, where the miracle-savior is immediately sent.

It turns out that flying helicopters and UAVs are used not only as entertainment for the public, but can help people. The development of technology is growing exponentially, thanks to which new and better models are being created. Be sure to subscribe to the magazine to keep up with the freshest and most exciting news.