Dove Sher Ami - awarded for courage with the "Military Cross"

Sher Ami (French for "dear friend") One of 600 pigeons that were transferred to France during the First World War along with the American Signal Corps. Throughout 1918, the carrier pigeon Sher Ami flew dozens of combat missions in the Verdun area and delivered 12 messages of particular importance.

In October 1918, with a broken wing, a shot through the chest and without one paw, it flew over the front line, reached the army headquarters and thereby saved 194 soldiers of the 77th infantry battalion, who were cut off from the main forces of the allies. For her courage, Sher Ami was awarded the French "Military Cross", but a few months later she died, never recovering from her wounds.

Scarecrow Sher Ami is on display at the National Museum of American History.