10 kids facts

1. The average European becomes a parent at the age of 29. In Russia, mothers and fathers become on average 20 years old, and in India - at 19 years old. The youngest parents were eight and nine years old and lived in China in 1910.

2. The record number of children born to one woman was 69. Pharaoh Ramses had more than 160 children, of course, from different women.

3. The largest number of twins in the world are born in Nigeria: one for every 11 births. Twins are the least likely to appear in Japan: one case in 250 births.

4. British doctors monitored the growth of 6, 574 seven-year-old children born in one week. About one child in every 20 has a divorce. It turned out that children from broken families lag behind in growth.

5. "Family warmth" may well be expressed in numbers. A family of two adults and two children produces 1, 300 kilowatt / hours of thermal energy per year.

6. Of all the children's toys found by archaeologists, the oldest is 3, 000 years old. It was found on the territory of Ancient Persia and is now kept in the Louvre.

7. According to the European standard, the head of a teddy bear, when trying to tear it off, must withstand the effort of children's hands of at least 10 kilograms.

8. During its work (since 1947) the Lego company has produced so many plastic construction sets for children that there are 30 parts for every inhabitant of the Earth.

9. The most "connected" to the modern world turned out to be German children: 40% of them at the age of nine and a half are already "wearing out" their second cell phone.

10. King Henry VI of England was the first child to officially spank himself and chose a nanny for this purpose. He ascended the throne on September 1, 1422 at the age of nine months. His first royal decree was a decree (with a thumbprint) appointing "Lady Alice Butler as our nanny so that she may look after our person and punish us reasonably from time to time."