8 incredible stories about twins

They have the same eye shape. The hair is the same color. One of them may be shy, while the other is open to new acquaintances. National Geographic Magazine, in its January 2012 issue, features breathtaking photographs of the twins taken by winning photographer Martin Schoeller.

From "psychic communication while shopping" to "reincarnation". Read these exciting twins stories.

Two people in one workplace

In elementary school, it didn't matter that Jeff Nagel wasn't good at spelling and Steve was. The twins disappeared the same way and could only be distinguished by their wristwatches, with which they sometimes secretly changed before the test. Now 44, they work in different places in Ohio, but still sometimes fool people. Jeff is a chef, once asked Steve to help him deliver groceries. The guests began to worry when Jeff quickly left the kitchen, which they told him not to leave, not realizing that there was more than one person in the workplace.

Psychic communication while shopping

Nine-year-old twin sisters have a bond while shopping. Their mom sometimes takes them with her to the mall under various pretexts. Even if one of the sisters doesn't know what her twins have chosen, they usually buy the same clothes.

Living in identical custom-made houses

As infants, Ramon and Eurades looked so much alike that their mother gave them name bracelets to avoid getting confused and feeding the same baby twice. Now 34, they are close neighbors in Florida living in identical custom-built homes. A common topic of family disputes: which of them has a fuller face? Ramon says he has Eurides. And Eurades (and mother) say that Ramon has. Mom thinks it's because she mistakenly gave part of Eurides to the other twin.

Tattooed to be recognized

When Christopher Griffin tattooed the number two on his wrist as a symbol of having a twin, he thought his brother Cole would get himself the same tattoo. However, Cole did not, he just laughed and said 'I was born first, so I will have one.' In their 20s, the twins say they now share more with each other and get along better than when they were growing up. They attend various Ohio colleges, but have a daily reminder of each other: each tattooed the other's name on the inside of their lips.

The same disease in the same place

Three years ago, when Loretta was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lorraine was with her in the doctor's office. Loretta asked if Lorraine should also be examined. The doctor discovered that Lorraine also had breast cancer. After proper treatment, both sisters are in good health.

Only distinguishable by manicure

Twenty-year-old Jessica and Jackie White, both at Akron University, have mutual friends, the same job, and even teach Sunday school together. When they were younger, the only thing that could tell them apart was nail polish - Jessica loved purple and Jackie loved pink. They look so similar that their boss at McDonald's confuses them all the time, but their personalities are different. Jessica, in Jackie's words, is a person who loves things like hair dyeing, "what's cooler than a thrilling ride."

They have the same talents

The fifteen-year-old sisters want to go to the same university and become opera singers. They both love drawing, but use different techniques. Martha is more focused on portraits, while Emma prefers to paint more distracting objects: sky, rain.

Mosquito Bite

In kindergarten, Spencer was too shy to pose in photographs. He gave his shirt to his brother to be photographed for both portraits. But their mom was not fooled: she noticed Skyler's mosquito bite in both pictures. In high school, the brothers were engaged in wrestling; as it was sometimes said about them "You cannot retreat - you only fight." Now 19, they attend Lake Erie College in Ohio, one of the few places that offers scholarships to twins - one pays full tuition and the other is free.