26 facts about breakfast around the world

1. Each nation has its own tastes and preferences. For example, the British prepare oatmeal, soft-boiled eggs and strong freshly brewed tea for breakfast. Americans most often drink orange juice in the morning, eat cereals or muesli, toast, peanut butter sandwiches. But the traditional French breakfast is croissants and a cup of coffee with milk.

2. It is believed that the healthiest breakfast is English, the fastest is American, and the most delicious is French. Well, we have a lot to learn!

3. What does our prime minister eat for breakfast?

Putin starts every morning with porridge, and it is always different: oatmeal, rice, buckwheat ... (manna :)

4. Many scientists believe that adults can start their diet right with lunch. And the opinion about the importance of a hearty breakfast is believed to have been launched by American cornflake producers.

5. The proverb: "Eat breakfast yourself, and give dinner to the enemy" is most likely far from the truth. Having rested in a dream, our body does not immediately need a large amount of food. Digestion is a difficult process. It lasts 3-4 hours. It turns out that after having a hearty breakfast and going to work, we do not allow food to be digested normally.

6. According to the experts of the Institute of Nutrition, ideally breakfast should consist of: cereals - for the flow of energy; from fruits - for an immediate release of energy and vitamins; from dairy products - for proteins and minerals.

7. American scientists have come to the conclusion that children and adolescents who eat breakfast show a higher level of mental ability and higher attendance than those who are used to not eating breakfast.

8. There is evidence that eating breakfast strengthens memory and improves school performance in children. It's just that when the student is not distracted by the feeling of hunger, he plunges headlong into his studies.

9. The most expensive breakfast was served in Switzerland in 2003. It happened in the highest mountain revolving restaurant in the world. Imagine, in the very center of the glacier, surrounded by fantastic mountain peaks - a company of millionaires had breakfast for 600, 000 euros :) All famous delicacies were on the table.

10. According to statistics, those motorists who do not eat breakfast at home are more likely to participate in morning traffic accidents.

11. Nutritionists recommend starting your morning with a glass of water, tea or juice. The fluid will help the body wake up and begin the digestion process. Don't neglect dairy products either.

12. Experts advise "early risers" to refuse coffee during breakfast. But green tea is what you need. And most importantly, do not forget to have a hearty breakfast. With the "owls", the situation is quite the opposite. In the morning they simply cannot do without a cup of coffee. He helps them to cheer up. In the early hours of the "owl" appetite is still dormant. Therefore, the owl's breakfast should be light. But in an hour or two - it's time to eat

13. The Pope most often eats for breakfast ... pizza! He even blessed the pizza makers, and this is not surprising - because he does not recognize any other food besides pizza: he eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

14. The tradition of drinking orange juice every morning is established in all European countries and America. And it’s not in vain. The juice provides a good supply of vitamin C for the whole day.

15. Eat muesli with milk for breakfast and you will not want to eat until lunchtime, moreover, this dish will provide the necessary amount of energy.

16. Brazilian scientists have discovered an interesting fact: people who eat at least three apples a day lose weight. This is because apples are high in fiber and water, so less other food is required.

17. The most massive breakfast took place in 1998 - in Dubai. This breakfast was attended by 13.797 people!

18. According to statistics, in Russia today, about 15% of people do not have breakfast. And the most record number of breakfast refusals in Germany. Exactly a quarter (25%) of Germans do not eat breakfast.

19. Some people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight, but in fact, they are gaining weight rather than losing it. Remember, skipping breakfast is most likely to lead to obesity.

20. According to many nutritionists, our mood, our memory, thinking depends on what we have eaten. Scientists of the Institute of Nutrition have discovered a lot of interesting facts in this area that can be useful to each of us. For example, as a result of taking sweets in the morning, we do not achieve a cheerful state, but on the contrary, the activity of the body decreases.

21. Sausage, eggs, ham are high in cholesterol and fat. These substances are digested slowly and cause a strong outflow of blood from the brain. This leads to a slowdown in thought processes.

22. Madonna does yoga for at least three hours before breakfast. And then he eats liquid vegetable soup for breakfast and drinks a glass of natural juice. Guy Ritchie, by the way, begs her to get better at least a little :)

23. It turns out that you can not do exercises in the morning on an empty stomach! If you don't eat anything before your morning run, your body is at risk from a lack of sugar. Which leads to lethargy (a fun run will turn out :)

24. The richer the breakfast, the less a person eats during the day. In the morning, it is better to give preference to protein foods. Then during the day you will not feel hunger for a long time.

25. Residents of one Portuguese city set a record - they cooked and ate the world's largest breakfast. Within 10 hours, about 25, 000 people consumed 10 tons of milk and 35 thousand packages of corn flakes.

26. The advice of experts: in breakfast, observe the measure. It is best to make your breakfast easier - eat cereals, apples, juices, anything that is easy to digest. You can't eat meat or fish in the morning. It is better to transfer "heavy" foods for the evening.