Strangest Sex Records

Sex is a rather strange and unusual activity that may even seem like a real competition to someone. At one time, even a number of records related to it were set, and today we will acquaint you with the strangest ones.

15. Most orgasms per hour

At the Center for Sex Research in California, a team of doctors observed a woman who was able to achieve 134 orgasms in one hour (more than twice a minute). For men, this record was only 16 times. According to official figures, the longest recorded orgasm in the world lasted 45 seconds. This record was set in 1966, during which time the muscles made 25 full contractions.

14. Farthest ejaculation

Horst Schultz broke the record in this area, shooting at a distance of almost 6 meters. In addition, he holds the record for the highest jet (3.75 meters) and its maximum speed. Unfortunately, we have not been able to imagine how he could apply his outstanding abilities in this area in ordinary life.

13. The woman who gave birth to the most children

Valentina Vasilieva from Russia in the 18th century managed to give the world 69 children. Among them there were 16 pairs of twins, 7 triplets and even 4 quadruplets. As for modern mothers, the record holder in this area is Leontina Albina from San Antonio, who, according to some sources, has more than 64 children.

12. The man who became a father the most time

Being a king is good, but Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif, the king of Morocco, was apparently not entirely satisfied with this and decided to perpetuate himself in another area, becoming a father to at least 1, 014 children.

11. Largest penis

American actor Jonah Falcon boasts a 24-centimeter penis in its normal state. In an excited state, its length reaches 34.3 centimeters. Due to its size, it has faced difficulties at airports more than once when the security service paid attention to it due to its too large "bulge".

10. Most bras removed in just a minute

Chris Nicholson hit the record books by unbuttoning and removing 20 bras in just a minute. Moreover, he did it with just one hand.

9. Oldest Adult Film Actor

Shigeo Tokuda worked as a travel agent in Japan, and only after retiring, he decided to try his hand at adult cinema. To date, he is already over 80 and has managed to star in more than 350 films of this nature.

8. The most massive orgy in the world

This record again belongs to the Japanese. The largest orgy was attended by 500 people. The whole action was recorded on video and is now available for sale.

7. The largest collection of penises

Iceland is so cold that it forces the locals to do the weirdest things to keep warm. There is even a special Phallological Museum in Reykjavik, where you can see with your own eyes the largest collection of penises (more than 300 copies are on display).

6. The largest vagina

According to unofficial data, the largest vagina in the world belongs to Anna Swan. She herself was of great size and lived in the period 1846-1888. As an adult, she gave birth to a child (who, unfortunately, did not survive the birth), whose head circumference was 48 centimeters.

5. Oldest prostitute

Tai Pei police claim that an 80-year-old prostitute named Chu, also known as "Granny", has been in the industry for over 40 years. The secret of its success is that its tariffs are much lower than those of the rest.

4. Largest breasts (natural)

Naturally large breasts are far from common. By this criterion, Annie Hawkins-Turner holds the world record. Moreover, a woman is ready to bare her in front of anyone who is willing to pay her for it.

3. Largest breast (artificial)

A woman named Maxi Mounds holds the lead in this category. Her bra size is 42M.

2. The largest number of intercourse in 24 hours

The heroine of this recording is Lisa Sparks, who managed to have sex with 919 men in just 24 hours. Yes, yes, this means that each of them had an average of 94 seconds of her time.

1. Strongest vagina

Tatyana Kozhevnikova from Russia managed to lift a load weighing 14 kilograms with her vagina. What is interesting is the fact that she had been preparing for this event for 15 long years.