The history of the umbrella and some interesting facts

The most ancient images of umbrellas that have come down to our time are more than 3000 years old. The "copyright" of the umbrella belongs to China, where an ordinary carpenter worker in the 10th century BC. e made for his wife "a roof that is always with her."

But, as is often the case with new products, umbrellas have become an item of the highest luxury and privilege of the chosen - kings and nobles. Umbrellas served them both as protection from the sun and as a distinctive sign, demonstrating the nobility and wealth of its owner.

Thus, the king of Siam used to walk under an umbrella with seven domes, decorated with diamonds and gold. The King of Burma had an umbrella of 24 domes, for which he received the nickname "lord of 24 umbrellas." The umbrella cult existed even in African states, where it, along with the crown, was a symbol of power. Over the years, the umbrella has become an increasingly popular item.

From the East, he migrated to Greece, then to Rome, and later to medieval Europe, where lovely lacy ladies' parasol (sun umbrellas) appeared. The second wave of popularity for umbrellas came in the 18th century, when they began to be used for shelter from the rain. The idea seemed so successful that this function, in the end, was assigned to the umbrella as the main one.

In Russia, umbrellas appeared at the end of the 18th century.

They came along with mods, milliners and other Parisian achievements. However, despite the fact that the umbrella came from France, the French version of its name - "parasol" - did not take root in Russia (unlike, for example, our neighbors, the Ukrainians, who call the umbrella "parasol"). According to linguists, the Russian name for this item was borrowed from the naval regulations of the early 18th century. "Zondek" (Dutch "zondec") is a sun canopy on a ship.

Umbrellas awakened the imagination not only of fans of Kuznetsky Most and Eternal Renovations: fishing rods, dagger umbrellas, lightning rods and even women's umbrellas for self-defense with alarm - whatever unusual functions the irresistible imagination of inventors gave this object.

And although today such umbrellas are a novelty, the efforts of the inventors were not in vain. Today an umbrella is a high-tech item.

They are made from the most modern materials, and not only designers, but also engineers work on the creation of new models. Folding automatic umbrellas are becoming more and more convenient to use. But, as you know, the more complex the technique, the more vulnerabilities it has. Therefore, the cane umbrella is not becoming less popular.

The simple and elegant design of the cane umbrella has been out of fashion for over 100 years. The cane umbrella is not only beautiful, but also convenient: water easily rolls off its hard and more rounded dome, the umbrella dries faster.

In addition, it is also a special chic that demonstrates the taste, elegance, and cloudless mood of its owner.