Strange jobs we never knew existed

What professions do not exist in this world! Some of the names you won't find in the official directory, but nevertheless, people get paid for this job.

Melody author

These people write songs, but not entirely. They create only the catchy main melody, and the rest of the arrangement is completed by others.

Underwater lumberjack

They come into play when the forest is flooded after a flood or a river is dammed.

Product Forensic Expert

He is engaged in explaining the subtleties related to food at court hearings.

Grief coordinator

These people work with families who have lost a loved one. They help to arrange the paperwork correctly and organize all the necessary procedures.


It's like doctors, only for books.

Subway construction supervisor

In some cities (for example, in London), the metro administration pays people to walk the streets above the metro lines and make sure that construction norms are not violated (after all, such a violation can have fatal consequences for tunnels).

Parachute tester

Someone has to be the first! Seriously, this job is not too different from the job of test pilots or stuntmen. Quite often, these people pursue careers in testing military equipment.

Gasoline liter controller

These people verify that a liter of gasoline sold at a gas station is indeed a liter.

Slot Machine Music Maker

They are the ones who design all these addictive sounds.

Buyer of props

Film companies hire these people to find and purchase the requisite props, sometimes at the last minute.

Cockroach inspector

They inspect garments for the absence of living creatures before they go to the store. It shouldn't surprise you that insects can be found in factories.

Staple remover

When a company decides to move to electronic document management, they need someone to pull the paper clips out of all the papers to be scanned. Most often this is a summer part-time job for students.

Carrier across the bridge

If you are so afraid of heights that you are unable to cross the bridge, you can call the service company and a dedicated driver will pass the bridge for you.

Replacement bulbs

Big universities and big companies do hire people to change bulbs all day long.

Truck Return Specialist

The states of the transport companies have drivers who handle the return of trucks that have been abandoned halfway. Because it so happens that a driver in the middle of the track suddenly decides to change jobs.


This is the Hebrew word for a non-Jew hired to work on Shabbat, when the Orthodox Jews themselves cannot do certain things according to religious laws (for example, press the elevator button).

Personal buyer

Yes, people get paid to shop, especially in Asia. Wealthy families would rather hire someone to fly to Europe or the United States and buy branded clothing than trust local counterfeit sellers.

Playlist Creator

Radio stations hire special people who decide how often and at what time each song should be played. No, these are not ordinary DJs. These people select the playlist using a ton of rules and special software.

Cow Identification and Prevention Specialist

This is the coolest name for a shepherd job.