Interesting facts about peacocks

Peacocks are the most magnificent birds in the world, representing the pheasant family. But a close relative of these majestic birds is the common chicken (they are the largest of the chickens).

They are found in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Birds prefer dense thickets. These handsome men are very hardy. Their peculiarity is the long colored tail feathers of males, which grow by the age of 3 and unfold in a magnificent fan.

The tail acts as a tool for scaring off enemies. The peacock dismisses it when threatened, and many "eyes" look at the predator, bewildering. It is also a tool for capturing females.

The mating games of peacocks are a beautiful sight. It is important that, courting a partner, the male shakes finely with a loose fan, demonstrating gorgeous plumage.

Scientists have discovered a unique method of communication between peacocks, which is inaccessible to the human ear. This is the infrasound produced by the tail feathers.

The most beautiful birds were domesticated in antiquity. They were kept known as decoration of parks.

Until the 16th century, the meat of young peacocks was a culinary delicacy.

The Hindus elevated these birds to the category of sacred, and in 1963 gave them the status of a national symbol.

In different cultures, the peacock personifies love and beauty, immortality, longevity and pride.