12 actors who nearly died while filming

Many people think that the profession of an actor is pretty easy. They go to work, get their makeup done and get paid quite a lot of money for a few months of work.

However, there is a flip side to the coin of this work, which many people do not think about. Many actors were injured and even died during the filming period. Of course, the risk is greater when the actor wants to do all the stunts on his own.

At the same time, some of the actors nearly died during filming without even performing any stunts.

Here are 10 actors who have had terrifying experiences that nearly cost them their lives.

1. Jason Statham "The Expendables 3"

During the filming of The Expendables 3 in Bulgaria, actor Jason Statham was driving a truck with faulty brakes. Statham fell from a cliff from a height of 18 meters directly into the Black Sea. Fortunately, he used to be a professional driver and was able to get out before he almost went to the bottom.

2. Jackie Chan "Armor of God"

Jackie Chan was filming Armor of God in Yugoslavia when he fell during a jump stunt, which was not too hard for him (the actor does all the stunt himself). The actor received a severe head injury? and he underwent brain surgery, after which he was left with a plate for the rest of his life, reminiscent of a dangerous stunt.

3. George Clooney "Siriana"

George Clooney injured his back while filming Siriana. According to the actor, the pain was so unbearable that he seriously thought about killing himself.

4. Isla Fisher "The Illusion of Deception"

Isla Fisher performed an underwater trick during the filming of The Illusion of Deception. The heroine, played by Isla, had to get out of the aquarium, being tied with a chain. However, the unexpected happened: the chain got stuck, and the actress could not get out of the water. Many thought she played very well when, in fact, she was drowning. Fortunately, she reached for the quick release button and was able to swim out.

5. Viggo Mortensen "The Lord of the Rings"

On the set of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Mortensen, who played Aragorn, had to swim face down in the river after being shot with arrows. In reality, the film crew had no idea how strong the current was, and Mortenson almost drowned due to the weight of his suit.

6. Charlize Theron "Aeon Flux"

Charlize Theron nearly died when she was injured on the set of Aeon Flux. The actress did a backflip and broke her neck. She was hospitalized and filming was postponed for 8 weeks.

7. Inglourious Basterds, Diane Kruger

Quentin Tarantino nearly strangled Diane Kruger on the set of Inglourious Basterds. He wanted a realistic choke response, but went too far and Kruger passed out.

8. Michael J. Fox "Back to the Future 3"

Michael Fox performed the hanging scene during the filming of Back to the Future 3 and, to look more convincing, decided to hang without leaning on the box under his feet. However, he did not calculate everything correctly, and almost died of suffocation. The film crew pulled the actor out of the loop 30 seconds after realizing that he was not acting.

9. Sylvester Stalone "Rocky IV"

During the filming of Rocky IV, Stalone asked Dolph Lundgren to hit him as hard as possible. It turned out that Lundgren had a rather powerful blow, as he damaged Stalone's heart muscle and he was in the hospital for more than a week.

10. Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise loves to perform stunts on his own, but some of them almost cost him his life. In the action movie Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise and his partner Emily Blunt were in the car. Emily was driving too fast, and, missing a right turn, crashed into a tree and nearly killed Tom Cruise.

11. Johnny Depp "The Lone Ranger"

On the set of The Lone Ranger, Joni threw the horse away and dragged him about 22 meters. He fell in front of the horse, and miraculously was not trampled. This is probably the reason pirates don't ride horses.

12. Halle Berry "Alert Call"

When the actress was filming a fight scene in Alert Call, she fell and hit her head on the concrete floor. Hallie fainted and filming was suspended for a day. The actress was sent to the hospital, and fortunately, no serious injuries were found.