Interesting facts about space sickness

Almost every astronaut suffers from space sickness.

Due to the lack of gravitational force, the signals from the vestibular system and pressure receptors are disoriented. As a result, many astronauts start to feel upside down, or even have trouble understanding the location of their own arms and legs. This disorientation is the main cause of the so-called Cosmic Adaptation Syndrome, which one astronaut misrepresented as "an incomprehensible state to throw up." Half or more of all space travelers suffer from space sickness, which brings with it headaches and poor concentration as well as nausea and vomiting. Usually, these problems disappear within a few days as the astronauts adjust.

The hardest thing is when, after returning from space, you lower the object, and it falls

When astronauts return to Earth, they also re-adapt, as they did in space. There is such a thing as readaptation, which takes longer. And as the psychological conclusion showed, the consequences of this are more amusing than dangerous. Several Russian cosmonauts, returning from an extended space stay, reported that months after their flight, they still sometimes release cups or other objects in the air - and are perplexed when the whole object falls to the floor and sometimes breaks.