Peoples who don't kiss

According to scientists, a kiss is not a reflex. Children don't know how to kiss. Therefore, kissing can only be learned. Or not learn. There are many countries in the world where people do not know what kissing is.

10th place: The tribes living in the heights of Chittagong in eastern Bangladesh do not even have the expression "kiss me", but they say "smell me".

9th place: As it became known from Cook's notes, the aborigines of New Zealand, when they met, covered each other with blankets and rubbed their noses mutually, emitting something like grunting and strongly sucking in air.

8th place: The natives on the island of Santa Maria, when they meet, sniff each other and also rub their noses.

7th place: Papuans, Tasmanians and residents of the Fuga island in the Philippines, when greeting, always hold some pleasantly smelling object near the nose or above their head.

6th place: On the island of Socotra, located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia, they kiss each other on the shoulder when greeting.

5th place: On the Tonga Islands, or, as they are also called, the Friendship Islands, when meeting with a friend, they take his hand and rub it hard on the nose and mouth.

4th place: On the Royal Islands, the greeting consists in the fact that greeters tightly nest their noses against each other and then vigorously rub them against each other.

3rd place: Among the Burmese, the greeting is called nomtschi, which, in fact, means "smell inhalation" (nom - smell, tschi - inhalation).

2nd place: The Chinese greet each other in a friendly way, touching each other with their noses, or passing them along the cheeks of one another, like when our ladies pretend to be kissing when they meet.

1st place: In modern Japan, it is considered very indecent to kiss in front of witnesses. It is for this reason that you almost never see a kiss in a Japanese movie. What is called the Japanese kiss all over the world is performed like this: stand one step apart, lean forward and. With your lips extended, touch your partner's lips with them. Do not open your mouth under any circumstances!