Interesting facts about Armenia

Armenia is an ancient country with a distinctive culture and deep history. Here, centuries-old traditions are still alive, here people are surrounded by incredible natural beauty, and the locals are hospitable, as in the old days. Indeed, Armenia is worth seeing its beauty with your own eyes at least once.

Mount Ararat is considered to be the symbol of Armenia. But this mountain itself is not at all on the territory of the country - it has been part of Turkey for many years.

Europeans have long called apricots Armenian apples. The thing is that earlier fruits were given names according to the country in which they were grown.

For the first time, Christianity became the state religion in Armenia.

If you dream of trying Armenian cuisine, then be prepared for the fact that the food here is very salty. This is directly related to the climate - in the heat, salt helps to preserve food for longer.

The capital of Armenia - Yerevan - is one of the most ancient cities on earth. Even Rome was built almost three decades later.

In Armenian schools, chess is a compulsory subject in which children take an exam.

It is interesting that in Armenia the majority of the population are Armenians themselves. Only 3% are accounted for by other peoples.

It was in Armenia that the first church was built - a real treasure for pilgrims.

Armenian wine is glorified all over the world. And not in vain, because wine is made here from special grapes. By the way, the quality of Armenian wine was recognized even by the French.

Apricot is a symbol of the country. If you look at the flag of Armenia, then the lower orange stripe symbolizes this particular fruit.

It is surprising that on the way to the Noravan Monastery there is a “Village of storks”. There is a nest on almost every pole, and there is a stork in it.

Modest in size, Armenia, however, is located in three climatic zones at once.

The oldest footwear found in the territory of the village of Areni was discovered in Armenia. The shoe is thought to be over 5500 years old.

In 2014, Armenian bread was included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage.

Buildings in the city of Yerevan are built of a special kind of stone that has a pink tint. It is not surprising that this city is called "pink".

The longest cable car in the world, the Wings of Tatev, was built in Armenia, located near the Tatev monastery. This structure was built in just 10 months. Its length is 5752 m. The way to the monastery takes only 11 minutes. The cable car passes 200 passengers per hour.

Armenian brandy is famous all over the world. It was this drink that Winston Churchill loved so much.

The Armenian people consider Mount Ararat sacred, because, according to the Armenians, it was here that Noah's ark stopped after the biblical flood.

It is interesting that no matter where you are in Armenia, you will always see Mount Ararat

Armenia boasts the oldest winery in the world. It is not functioning now, but archaeologists have found what is left of it.