Interesting facts about men

Most men have sexual intercourse with 4 to 6 girls before they start a serious relationship. So their stories about a stormy bachelor life are nothing more than fictions.

For more than half of the stronger sex, a woman's beautiful face is more important than a flawless figure.

A third of men do not delete the numbers of ex-girls so that they have someone to call when they want to pour out their souls or have sex.

Most of the bachelors under 27 years old live under the parental wing.

Everyone knows that men are terribly afraid of becoming impotent. In second place, oddly enough, is the fear of baldness.

96% of men dream of a non-smoking girl.

A man eats on average 3 kg of lipstick in his entire life. From women's lips, of course.

80% of men are so afraid to go to doctors that they postpone these visits until the last.

30% of men who attended the birth of their wives had erection problems that lasted from two months to several years.

Most of the visitors to online lingerie stores are men.

On average, men have a higher body temperature than women. If it is cold in your apartment in winter, it is recommended to sleep in the same bed with a man.

Men are portable heaters that snore. If a man has prepared dinner for you and the salad contains more than three ingredients, consider that he has serious intentions.

Getting rid of a man without hurting his masculinity can be difficult. The phrases “Get away” and “I don't want to see you anymore” can sound like a challenge. If you really want to get rid of a man, try to tell him: “I love you…. I want to marry you…. I want to have children from you. " Sometimes they leave a smoking trail on the floor.

Men forget everything, while women forget nothing. That is why replays are often shown when broadcasting sports.

Most men hate shopping. This is why the menswear section is typically located on the ground floor, two inches from the front door.