19 Things You Didn't Know About JK Rowling, Who Invented Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling is one of the most successful writers in world history. She leads an amazing life - she managed to turn from a desperate single mother to a philanthropist and millionaire. She is the author of the Harry Potter books, this bond is forever. But there are also facts that are not related to the wizarding world, for example, telling about the difficult past of the writer or her literary preferences. So, here are nineteen facts you don't know about.

Her parents did not graduate from university

Rowling herself studied French and classical literature at the university, but her parents did not have a higher education. Her father worked as an engineer at the Rolls-Royce plant, and her mother was a laboratory assistant at the school.

Her mother died when Rowling was twenty-five

The writer's mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when her daughter was a teenager. She died of complications related to the disease, even before the premiere of the first book of the famous series. Joan admits that it was not easy for her to survive her mother's illness. She later donated sixteen million dollars to a neurological clinic dedicated to the study of multiple sclerosis.

She named her daughter after her favorite writer

Daughter Jessica was named after Jessica Mitford, a British writer and activist who died in 1996. Mitford's journalistic memoir was given to Joan by her aunt when she was fourteen, and the book has become one of her favorites. The celebrity admitted that she was captivated by how Mitford remained true to herself throughout her life. She read all of her works.

She made sure that there were no burgers or cola in the theme park

Orlando has a Harry Potter theme park that opened in 2010. The character's writer actively supervised its creation. For example, the organizers initially wanted to use typical fast food. Joanne insisted that visitors be able to experience a complete immersion in a fairy-tale world, so the park serves butter beer, shepherd's pie, and fish and chips.

She was in trouble with the literary agent

When a writer becomes popular, there are always problems associated with the people who were around at the beginning of his career. Christopher Little was a relatively unknown agent when he decided to present the tale of Harry Potter in 1995. The manuscript was rejected by dozens of publishers. Then Bloomsbury accepted her, the book became a hit, and Little, like the writer, earned a huge amount of money. It turned out to be the most successful relationship in literary history. However, in 2011, the writer decided to use the services of another literary agency, created by Little's former business partner, Neil Blair. Little wanted to go to court, but he was paid compensation.

She hasn't spoken to her father since 2003

The writer’s relationship with her father, Peter Rowling, has always been difficult. Usually she is silent about it. According to a 2012 interview, she hasn't spoken to him since 2003. One of the reasons for the breakup was that Peter sold a copy of her book given by her daughter, signed by her "With love from your daughter." He received almost fifty thousand dollars for the book.

She is the president of an organization supporting single parents

Once she herself raised a child alone - her relationship with her first husband lasted a little over a year. The celebrity knows very well how difficult it can be. She is the head of a charity that supports families.

She talks openly about her depression

She sought the help of a therapist several times to treat her depression. She had two particularly difficult periods when she was just writing her first book and lived on the brink of poverty, raising her daughter. Then her life changed because of the fame, but it was still hard. She was ready to commit suicide.

The first Harry Potter edition had five hundred copies

Bloomsbury was humble enough when it published its first book in the UK, and there was no ambition for this tale. Joan received two and a half thousand pounds in advance.

She does not have the letter "K" in her name

In English, the writer signs herself with the initials J.K., but her name does not have the letter "K" - she was advised to use such initials in the publishing house, so as not to scare off the boys with a woman's name on the cover. Joan does not have a middle name, but she chose it herself - Kathleen was her grandmother's name.

Book premieres at different times in different countries

The popularity of books grew rapidly, and overnight sales became a tradition. With each new book, people gathered in line outside the shops until the clock showed midnight - after that they could buy another volume. It would be logical to organize a similar process in all countries, but this happened only with the fourth book and subsequent ones. For the first time, a whole year has passed between the premiere of a book in Britain and, for example, in the United States!

She went incognito in search of a wedding dress

While preparing for her wedding to Neil Murray in 2001, Rowling feared that her fame would prevent her from choosing a dress calmly. She disguised herself! She didn’t reveal the details of the disguise in case she needed it again.

She spends a day every week in charity

Rowling is famous for her philanthropy - she spends millions of dollars on charity. She even disappeared from the billionaire list because she spent money to help other people. Every week she spends the whole day on charity.

She is planning a crime episode longer than Potter's

In addition to fairy tales, the writer creates detective stories under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. In 2013, the first book was published, since then two more have appeared. Joan says the episode will be more than fabulous.

Her favorite writer is Jane Austen

The celebrity admits that she read all her books so many times that she just lost count.

Her favorite living author is Irishman Roddy Doyle

Doyle is a novelist, screenwriter, and storyteller. He is not well known in other countries. His works tell the story of the working class living in Dublin.

She wrote part of an unpublished children's book on a dress

In addition to books about Potter, the novels of the writer are created in the genre of realism. However, she had another fairy tale, Joan is not going to publish it, but once she wrote it on a dress for a theme party.

She wrote the song

For Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Joanne created the song.

Her favorite drink is gin and tonic

She is one of the writers who have their own specialty alcoholic drinks, but her choice is not butter beer at all!