Interesting facts about pensions

The first pension was mentioned in the documents of the Paris Chamber of Accounts during the reign of Louis XI in the second half of the 15th century and meant the amounts transferred annually to the first chamberlain of the English king Edward IV, William Hastings and other London dignitaries. These days, such "pensions" would be called bribes.

Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany, was the first to officially introduce a solidary state pension for all workers - this happened in 1889. 20 years later, the relay was picked up by Great Britain and Australia, and the United States of America came to the state pension system in the 30s of the twentieth century. The Museum of the History of Pensions has opened in Russia in the premises of the Pension Fund branch for the Jewish Autonomous Region It is located in the city of Birobidzhan at 45 Sholem Aleichem Street. Like many other things, Peter I started pensions in Russia.

Former tsars did not reward for merits with money, but with estates and fur coats. In the decree of Peter "On the pension of the former military" it was said: "To appoint a worthy lifelong maintenance, so as not to dishonor the honor of the uniform." Pensions were the exclusive privilege of officers. Serf recruits who served 25 years were sent to their native villages. But the Bolsheviks were in no hurry to distribute pensions after the revolution. In August 1918, pensions were introduced for the disabled of the Red Army, in 1923 - for the old Bolsheviks, in 1928 - for workers in the mining and textile industries, in 1937 - for all city workers and employees.

Today, in most countries of the world, the retirement age is 65 years. In Europe and the United States, in the long term, the retirement age is going to be raised to 70 years for both men and women by 2060. At the moment, the highest retirement age in the world is 70 years. It is at this age that people retire in Japan. In 1998, the number of pensioners in developed countries exceeded the number of children. By 2050, this ratio is expected for the entire planet.

One of the most paltry pensions is in Georgia. Here it is only about $ 40. (We do not take Zimbabwe and other Ganduras into account). And here is the largest pension for Danish pensioners. It is in this country that a pensioner receives $ 2800 a month. The Swede Percy Barnevik can boast of the largest dishonestly acquired pension. While serving as chairman of the board of an investment fund, he managed to deposit $ 100, 000, 000 into his own retirement account. In China, the old-age pension is due only to the military, police and civil servants, the rest are obliged to support children.