The smartest woman in the world

In 1956, scientists recorded the highest IQ in the world. It was given by a 10-year-old girl Marilyn vosSavant from America. Her IQ was 228, and already in adulthood, she again took the test and showed a result of 224.

On her father's side, her descendant Ernst Mach was a famous physicist and Austrian philosopher. Marilyn did not graduate - she did not graduate from the University of Washington in St. Louis.

At the insistence of her father, who argued that it was impossible to develop your intellect at the university, but only to get a profession, she soon left the university. Her husband Robert Jarvik was a scientist who created an artificial heart, had an IQ of 180. Their son got an IQ of 164. The family lives in New York, Marilyn works as CFO at JarvikHeart, doing research on the heart. She claims that almost 50% of intelligence is inherited.

Intelligence increases with proper nutrition, which is exposed by 20%. Marilyn says that the mind is in the essence of seeking truth without prejudice in the fields of socialism, religion, family and others. To be smart, you need stable emotions and courage. Marilyn is called a genius intellectually, since she evaluates events objectively.

According to her, fine art is not creativity, but the expression of emotions, which is not associated with intelligence. According to her, nuclear physics and mathematics are associated with intelligence. How to accurately determine the level of IQ is not yet clear, since there are few such people with a high level of intelligence in the world.

According to different methods, the level of intelligence will be different. So, according to the Stanford-Binet method, it will be equal to 228, according to the Mega-test, 186. If the first shows an absolute value, and the second shows a deviation from the average.