Interesting facts about pepper

Pepper was not always hot - it acquired this quality in the process of evolution. So the plant scares away animals and attracts birds, on which the burning substance does not work. The fact is that pepper seeds, passing through the body of birds, remain intact, which cannot be said about animals.

The ancient Aztecs and Mayans were the first to domesticate pepper. They used spicy fruits instead of salt, which was poorly known to them, and sweet ones as a vegetable. The pepper also had its own deity - Chantico, the wife of the god of fire. According to legend, she ate fish and paprika during fasting, and as punishment her husband turned her into a dog.

Some sources claim that pepper allowed the Indians to win one of the battles with the Spaniards. According to legend, the American natives sprinkled hot coals with hot pepper. The resulting smoke blinded the Europeans, completely depriving them of their ability to defend themselves.

The hottest types of red peppers are called chili peppers. Translated from the Aztec language, this word just means "red".

Red pepper contains many vitamins of groups A, C and B, as well as magnesium, potassium and iron. In green pepper (unripe fruits of the same plant), the content of nutrients is much less.

Pepper is a part of the famous curry and suneli hops.

Some peppers are so hot that touching them can damage your skin or even cause a chemical burn. The only way to safely cook these peppers is to wear rubber gloves.

To neutralize the burning sensation from too hot pepper, you need to drink not water, but milk, otherwise the effect will be the opposite. Also, "fire" in the mouth will help put out yogurt or a slice of lemon.

To make the dish with pepper less spicy, it is enough to remove the seeds and internal partitions from the fruit (these are the most burning parts).

Some canary species are fed cayenne pepper to give their feathers a more intense red color.

A tincture is prepared from hot peppers to stimulate appetite and digestion. In addition, pepper patches and ointments containing pepper are used to treat some diseases. Scientists have also proven the effectiveness of red pepper in fighting cancer.

Red pepper grows well at home - the plant is often watered and fertilized with a flower mixture.

Allspice is the dried berry of an evergreen tropical tree. The oil contained in these fruits is used to make perfumes, liqueurs and soaps.

Pink pepper should not be eaten in large quantities, as these fruits are toxic.

The hottest pepper known at the moment is the Habanero pepper.

In Russia, they learned about pepper only in the 16th century, since this plant is found in the wild only in the tropics.

Pepper is so popular because the brain responds to severe burning in the mouth by releasing endorphins, a natural pain reliever. A side effect of this reaction is a feeling of euphoria, which is why some people become really addicted to spicy foods.

In the past, chili peppers were thought to cause gastritis and stomach ulcers. Research has shown these beliefs to be wrong. On the contrary, hot peppers destroy the bacteria that lead to ulcers (see interesting facts about bacteria).