Interesting facts from the life of Victor Hugo.

The future writer was born on a Parisian street where local glass blowers lived. The house where Hugo was born, alas, has not survived to this day.

By the age of 14, young Victor had already written two tragedies, which, however, were never published.

In addition to writing talent, the future luminary of literature also possessed a craving for painting. Victor Hugo began drawing at the age of 8.

Victor Hugo himself said that the purpose of his novel Notre Dame Cathedral was to inspire the French nation to love its native architecture (interesting facts about France).

When a writer was seized by another crisis, he locked himself in an empty room with a pen and paper, and worked completely naked, so that even his clothes would not distract him.

He wrote the famous novel Les Miserables for over twenty years.

For 16 years, the writer lived in one of the Parisian hotels.

Victor Hugo's wife, Adele, was indifferent to her husband, but this did not stop her from giving birth to five children.

For 50 years, the writer had a love relationship with another woman, Juliette Drouet, whom he called his "true wife."

But throughout his life, Hugo tried to keep up with the newfangled trends, attending various youth events of those years, even being already at a very old age.

Paris has a metro station named for Victor Hugo (interesting facts about Paris).

The street on which the writer's mansion was located was named after him during his lifetime.

At the age of 84, Victor Hugo, being ill, did not dare to refuse to participate in the parade in his honor, as a result of which he developed pneumonia and soon died.

The funeral ceremony of the writer lasted ten days, and more than a million Parisians took part in it.

One of the craters on the planet Mercury is also named after the writer (interesting facts about Mercury).