Interesting about the dead sea

The salt reservoir is called the "Sea of ​​Salt", "Asphalt" and "Sodom Sea". It borders on the western side with Israel, and the eastern side with Jordan. It seems that nothing interesting can be told about him, but something interesting will be found.

The sea is not the sea

The reservoir is called the sea, but it is a lake. The Jordan River flows into it and does not flow out anywhere.

Very deep

360 meters make the salt lake such, which has no analogues in the world in terms of depth.

9.6 times saltier than the ocean

With the brine contained in the sea, all ocean salt cannot be compared in quantity. Fresh waters of Jordan evaporate from it without a trace and do not dilute the contents of the tank.

The rainwater is to blame

The reason for the high concentration of salt in the water is rain. Liquid falling from the sky contains acids that form when it comes into contact with carbon monoxide. Raindrops destroy rocks, which are transformed over the years into chloride and sodium - salt.

Climatic conditions

The landscape surrounding the natural reservoir is dull and arid. Out of 360 days a year, only about 30 days the sky is covered with clouds. Precipitation is rare and humidity is low. The air temperature reaches 15-35 degrees above zero and you can sunbathe here without getting burns for a long time. The reason for this is the natural three-layer UV protection.


The pond saturates the air with oxygen and bromine, providing a relaxing effect.

You can drown, but it is difficult to swim

Salt keeps the body in the water, but it is quite possible to drown. The Dead Sea is considered the second deadliest body of water in Israel.

Swimming is almost impossible, but you can lie on the water for a very long time.

Asphalt from the lake

For the ancient Greeks, the lake was a place where asphalt was mined. It was named appropriately - Asphalt.

Water was used to create mummies

It is known that the Egyptians resorted to specific burial rituals for dead people. Various substances were used for embalming, one of which was asphalt. It is contained in the waters of a salt lake, to which the inhabitants of Egypt often came.

The world's lowest road runs along the sea

Israel's Highway 90, which runs along the West Bank, is below sea level. It is considered incredibly dangerous because accidents occur there regularly.

Dries quickly

The drying rate of the Dead Sea is quite high and if the process is not stopped, the reservoir will disappear in about 50 years. In order to prevent the catastrophe, Jordan and Israel began to jointly pump water from the Red Sea to fill the Dead Sea with them.