Beer making technology

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages that have survived to this day. Although now, it is already difficult to say how much the technology of beer production in ancient Egypt differed from the modern one.

To all beer lovers, especially those who drink it in large quantities, we recommend ordering beer in bottles with delivery at, from the world's best producers. Moreover, connoisseurs of this drink know that the most delicious beer is in bottles. Beer is better stored in glass, because the dark glass of beer bottles does not transmit ultraviolet light, which can spoil the drink.

The classic beer ingredients are barley malt, hops and water (and yeast, of course). The Bavarian king in the 16th century even legislated such a composition for beer. Yes, not much room for creativity! But even from this trio, brewers manage to produce hundreds of varieties that differ quite significantly from each other. Beer used to be the mainstream drink for the poor as opposed to wine. Now it is a more democratic drink. There are many reasons for this: the variety and perfection of technologies, the richness of varieties for every taste, established traditions (beer festivals: otober fest), the use of beer in cooking and even spa and cosmetology.

The classic strength for beer is from 3 to 6 percent by volume, there are also strong varieties with an alcohol of about 8 percent, and varieties with an alcohol of 10, 14 and up to 29 (!) Percent alcohol, as well as non-alcoholic beer, are quite aloof. Sorts stronger than 8 percent beer can be called a stretch, since they cannot be obtained using standard technology from classic ingredients and brewer's yeast.

Other cereals, sugar and special yeast are used (for example, for the production of champagne). This strength, combined with hops, can lead a lover of the foamy drink to unexpected "eccentricities", so this beer is not particularly in demand.

Many words have been said about the benefits and dangers of beer. Drinking a lot of beer every day will definitely not benefit your body and overall health. Beer contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements, which undoubtedly can be attributed to its merits, but it also contains alcohol (no comment) and hop components, which in large quantities undermine the nervous system and make men effeminate (!). Drinking a lot of beer every day will definitely not benefit your body and overall health.

So, dear beer lovers (and professionals), enjoy with knowledge and in moderation!