There are forbidden colors that are invisible to the eye

Oddly enough, there are forbidden colors that are invisible to the eye.

"Forbidden colors" are those colors that are beyond the control of the human eye, that is, a person is not able to see them due to the fact that they consist of several shades that compensate for each other in human eyes. A person cannot even imagine them, and not just see them. Yellow-blue is a color with shades of blue and yellow, while red-green is a color that is both red and green at the same time.

The human eye is designed in such a way that the retina has special neurons, which are also called "neuronal opponents".

They light up when a person sees red and this burst of activity tells the brain exactly what a person sees red in front of him. The same opponents of neurons are suppressed in green. The same thing happens with yellow-blue, yellow activates, and blue suppresses their activity. As a result of our brains being able to decode colors, we will never be able to see these colors coming from one source.