Sears Tower skyscraper - included in the new seven wonders of the world

Skyscraper Sears Tower - included in the new seven wonders of the world and belongs to the tallest buildings in the world, this height is 433 meters, which is as much as 60 meters higher than the famous Empire State Building in New York ... Sears Tower is located in Chicago and has 110 floors. There is an opinion that it is Chicago that pioneered the fashion for the construction of skyscrapers, since some of the first skyscrapers were built here, and skyscrapers of modern construction are not inferior to others in the world in beauty, strength and functionality. Chicago is rightfully considered the largest city in the United States, and perhaps, if not for the fire of 1871, the city would be even more beautiful. However, during the fire, almost a third of the city was damaged, which caused irreparable damage to the architecture of that time.

By the time cities began to rebuild after the fire, the era of steelmaking and building with steel was raging. In addition, the invention of the elevator in 1852 became a big plus, and then it became clear that the construction of high-rise buildings is a more profitable and economically melting business. The first skyscraper. The building for the Home Insurance Company was built in Chicago, it had 100 floors, and was built in 1882, which is exactly 90 years before the construction of the Sears Tower.

Since by that time the city had grown significantly and the lack of land was felt more and more significant, the construction of high-rise buildings became an excellent solution for creating residential and office buildings. Engineers and designers were constantly working to improve the structures of skyscrapers, and invented more and more new and better ways to safely operate high-rise buildings. For greater resistance of high-rise buildings to the wind, they were built from large steel pipes, and already in the cavity of such a pipe, security rooms and control over the safe operation of the building could be placed.

The construction of the Sears Tower skyscraper began in 1970 and was completed only 3 years later. The building frame consists of 9 hollow steel pipes, which are arranged in a square idea, thus forming the silhouette of the building. The foundation of the building rests on concrete piles, which, with the help of new technologies at that time, were driven into solid rock. The building has a conical shape after the 50th floor, this effect was achieved due to the fact that the steel pipes only reach the 50th floor, then the building begins to narrow. Further, the building was built according to a similar scheme, but using fewer pipes. 7 pipes were used up to the 66th floor, 5 pipes up to the 90th floor, and only 2 of the original 9 pipes reached the highest point of the building.

On the roof of the building there are two television antennas, which add another 250 meters to the already tall building. Upon completion of the construction, the building was put into operation, which had a total area of ​​418, 000 square meters and 104 high-speed, modern elevators, which was a record at that time. A modern and high-quality fire-prevention system has been developed in the building, which consists in using black aluminum panels for cladding the building, which is impregnated with a fire-resistant composition and is practically non-flammable.

The total number of windows in the building is just over 16, 000, which was also a kind of record. To ensure that the Sears Tower does not lose its attractive appearance, a special team, eight times a year, is engaged in cleaning the windows of this skyscraper.

The Sears Tower skyscraper building was originally supposed to belong to the Reaka Sirte company, from there and got its name, but over time the company went bankrupt and was forced to leave the building.