Alloy Magnico 627 - an interesting invention

Alloy Magnico 627 - an interesting invention, or rather the newest magnetic alloy, on the invention of which three Russian scientists K. Nashchokin, B. Livshits and A. Zaimovsky worked. The research carried out shows amazing results. A piece of such an alloy in 90 grams, from the name it is clear that this is a magnet, capable of lifting a piece of iron weighing 25 kg.

Literally at once Magnico 627 found its application in medicine, more precisely in field ophthalmology. A piece of such an alloy is successfully used to extract various metal particles from the eye. The use of such a magnet greatly facilitates ophthalmic operations where there are simply no facilities and equipment for high-precision eye procedures. Magnico 627 has been tested in several hot spots of the planet and received positive medical reviews.

It is also known to use such a magnet in repairing breakdowns in oil drilling, when it is required to extract particles of a broken metal drill. As a rule, such debris is located deep underground, and requires high-precision equipment for extraction, sometimes the costs are simply not comparable and the well is closed. After one of these cases, it was decided to use the new technology with the Magnico 627, and it brought results. According to the inventors, Magnico 627 is the future in many industries.