100 Things to Do in Life

100 things that need to be done in life, many of them seem simple and have nothing special, but if you delve into the process, I think you will be slightly surprised how many memories it will leave, so we try, strive and unsubscribe in the comments to whom what and how much is left to overcome.

1. Love life

2. Stay up all night

3. Go to the sea

4. Hug a person out of excess of feelings

5. Run away from a huge dog

6. Grow a cactus

7. Buy an mp3 player

8. Get two cats

9. Walk in a blizzard

10. Win peepers

11. Accidentally find a childhood friend after years of separation

12. Meet and make friends with a person born on the same day as me

13. Walking without an umbrella in the rain

14. Walking alone

15. Pet the tiger

16.Car run into the water

17. Love the sunset

18. Being alone for a few days

19. Get drunk

20. Break the window

21. Insult a person

22. Roller skate all day

23. Jump with a parachute

24. Talk to a girl (boy) all day

25. Live with your loved one

26. Sew your finger to the sweater

27. Fall into a deep hole

28. Severely scared

29. Give something valuable to someone

30. Chatting on the phone for several hours

31. To love

32. Fall out of love

33. Hate

34. Get lost in the forest

35. Climb into an ice fountain and splash in it for a long time.

36. Sleep in a tent

37. Travel by train for seven days.

38. Fly an airplane

39. Break the dishes

40. Be in a good mood during the day of January 1

41. Kill a mosquito that drank blood

42. Hold a live butterfly in your palms

43. Fall asleep to your favorite music

44. Eat potatoes baked in a fire

45. Spend all day in the sun

46. ​​Search the starry sky for bright stars and constellations

47. Forgetting something very important

48. Text messages at midnight

49. Spend the last Internet reading diaries.

50. Sing karaoke

51. Eat a chocolate bar alone

52. Read all day

53. Smile through tears

54. Watch one movie five times from start to finish

55. Tell the person in the face that “it's time to stop communicating”.

56. Clap your hands painfully

57. Dance to the point of exhaustion

58. Quit smoking

59. Kiss the photo

60. Build a sand castle

61. Do not sleep at night during a thunderstorm

62. Hate yourself and then love again

63. Noticing a silly mistake in a movie

64. Climb a tree

65. Love what you hated the most

66. Change your life drastically

67. Find your favorite profession

68. Win an argument

69. Overeat to nausea on strawberries

70. Turn on the music at a very high volume and listen with pleasure

71. Crying for three hours straight

72. Do not talk to anyone for a day because of resentment

73. Plucking nettles with bare hands

74. Sing a song without music

75. Sing in chorus on stage

76. Perform solo on stage in front of a huge number of people

77. Take a picture of the animal

78. Bake a cake

79. Take a picture of the sky

80. Hit the wall

81. Listen to complete nonsense from another person

82. Go to someone's concert

83. Sit at the computer all day

84. Trying to commit suicide

85. Cut yourself with paper

85. Get a painful shock

86. Try to swim where you are knee-deep

87. Receive a beautiful porcelain doll as a gift

88. Falling Down the Ladder

89. Find something new for yourself

90. Put on a wedding dress

91. Read a big book in a few hours

92. To wash a mountain of dishes

93. Find the strength to live

94. Tell a secret about yourself

95. Sit in a room without turning on the light until dark

96. Fall asleep in an embrace with a soft toy

97. Talk on the phone with a complete stranger

98. Dissolve in music, forgetting about everything

99. Chat with a foreigner

100. Die