22 life rules for men (Interesting article)

22 men's life rules - an interesting article or rather a collection of facts that are often found in men.

And so the 22 male rules:

1. Tears are blackmail.

2. If you want something - speak directly. Dotting the i's: Translucent hints don't work! Transparent hints don't work! Even super transparent hints don't work! Just tell it straight!

3. Learn to interact with the toilet seat. You're not small! If it is up, put it down. We need it to be raised, you need it to be lowered. We do not complain that you do not lift it.

4. Yes and No are great answers to almost any question.

5. Only share with us the problems that need to be solved. That's why we are needed. For sympathy - to girlfriends.

6. If the headache does not go away for 17 months, something is clearly wrong with you. To the doctor.

7. Everything we said 6 months ago cannot be used as an argument in a dispute. Moreover, the expiration date of any replica or comment automatically expires no later than after 7 days.

8. If you think you are fat, most likely you are. There is no need to ask us.

9. If what we have said can be interpreted in two ways, and one of the interpretations acts on you like a red rag on a bull, we meant the second.

10. You can ask us to do something or tell us how we should do it. But not both options together. If you know how to do what you need in the best possible way -

go and do it yourself.

11. If possible, save everything you wanted to say before advertising.

12. Nobody told Christopher Columbus where to sail. And we don't need to!

13. All men only see 16 colors as in the standard Windows color scheme. Peach is the juice, not the color. Pumpkin is a pie, also not a color. What is coral or mauve, we have no idea.

14. If something itches, you need to scratch it. Dot.

15. If we ask what happened, and you answer "nothing", then we will behave as if nothing happened. It is clear that you are lying, but is there any point in arguing ?!

16. If you are asking a question you don’t want to hear an answer to, expect an answer you don’t want to hear.

17. If we need to go somewhere together, absolutely any clothes will do ... Really.

18. No need to ask what we are thinking if we are not ready to discuss such topics as the transfer of Arshavin, the device

motherboards or the results of yesterday's rally.

19. You HAVE something to wear.

20. There are a lot of shoes.

21. I'm in shape. Round is also a shape.

22. Thank you for reading. Yes, I know, today I sleep on the couch. But, you know, men generally don't mind. It's like going on a hike.