10 gross male mistakes on the first date

10 gross male mistakes on the first date. We read, remember and do not repeat!

1. Don't shake

Any woman will subconsciously perceive your swinging or shaking leg as a sign that you are nervous. Even if you're really nervous, don't show it in any way: women consider self-confidence to be the most important indicator of a man's sexuality.

2. Copy her movements

There is such a well-known trick in certain circles - “mirror the interlocutor”. This is when the left side of the person's body repeats the position of the interlocutor's right side, and the right side repeats the position of the left. If you copy your interlocutor in this way, the girl will suddenly think that harmony and mutual understanding have been established between you. "

3. Keep it short

Spread out like a peacock, trying to impress a girl? You look like an idiot. Trying to dominate the conversation is one of the five most common dating mistakes men make. Give the girl the floor - ask her questions, and support the conversation with remarks lasting no more than a second: “clear”, “of course”, “aha”, “hardly”, “no”, etc.

4. Read

Came on a date early? Do not sit nervously with empty hands, otherwise you will get drunk. Better read a book. Not only is a book a good conversation starter, but it also characterizes you from a certain side.

5. Watch for signals

It is very important how you kiss at the moment of the meeting. Scientists from Stranmillis University (Ireland) have revealed the following pattern: if a girl turned her left cheek for a kiss, she is sincerely glad to see you, turned her right - this is a cold gesture.

6. Control your body language

The first impression you make on a person is 55% dependent on your appearance and 38% on facial expressions and gestures. Do not scratch, do not pick your nose, but touch the fingertips of one hand to the fingertips of the other (you will get a pyramid of palms) - this gesture indicates your confidence and attentiveness. And watch her reaction. If a woman tilts her head slightly, then this is a good sign: someone has interested her.

7. Don't shave clean

Leave your chin shaved to blue for important production meetings, and come to a meeting with a girl wearing light stubble - it will be better for both of you. The bristles subconsciously reassure her that you have successfully completed puberty and are capable of reproduction.

8. Clean your nails

Cosmopolitan surveyed 1, 000 women to prove the obvious: 73% of the time, the owner of unkempt nails is guaranteed to fail on a date. Cut your nails, and if you are full of courage, then do this: Warm up a little olive oil, add it to a bowl of warm water and hold your hands in this mixture for a while. This procedure softens the skin, restores the normal moisture level in the nails and cuticles, and makes them look healthier.

9. No chips

As you already understood, she evaluates your every move and adds information to the piggy bank of knowledge about you. Food is no exception. The LA Times recently published the results of its own poll, from which it follows that men who choose low-calorie healthy foods appear to be more attractive and smarter.

10. Pay

“Most women still expect their companion to pay for them, ” says Sam Van Rood, author of Learn to Flirt. Gently reject her offer to split the bill. But, if she insists, do not persist - perhaps in this way she invites you to “stay just friends”. You can still fight for your happiness, but not under the watchful gaze of the waiter?