Girls are divided into these types ... (Interesting article)

Girls are divided into these types ... a small selection collected from all over the Internet not in everyday life for girls, but this is often the case.

Girls are divided into 4 types in the morning:

1. Let me not put on makeup, but I will sleep

2. Let not put on makeup, but eat

3. I may not sleep and eat, but I will make up

4. I'll be late everywhere, but I'll sleep, eat and put on makeup

Three ages in a woman:

1) nervous father

2) We get the husband

3) pissed off the son-in-law

Girls are divided into three types: smart, beautiful, kind. But there are mixed types:

1. Smart + Beautiful = Bitch

2. Smart + Kind = Ugly

3. Kind + Beautiful = Dumb

4. Smart + Kind + Beautiful = Dating an idiot who doesn't appreciate her.

Here's another text for those who like to read:


It is found mainly at exhibitions, in libraries, opening days, sometimes in Internet cafes. It is important for her to know what you think about the work of Levitan, Gauguin. Likes to sprinkle with quotes and thoughtful phrases. Interests: architecture, poetry. Wear glasses. He speaks in an undertone. Prefers restaurants, dry white wine and black coffee or green tea. A scientific and aesthetic approach to sex according to all the traditions of the Kama Sutra. Justifies all your not very good deeds, looking for signs of genius in them. She does not want children (they cannot read). Most men shy away from her.


Habitat - ski resorts, possibly hitchhikers. Always ready to lend her friendly shoulder. You sometimes feel that you owe her your life. He watches football, hockey, action movies with you, visits stadiums and pubs. You can go kayaking, mountain hiking, surfing, parachuting together. When you are sick or very drunk, he prepares you chamomile tea and makes compresses. Its goal is equal partnership. She will not be scared and will not betray, will follow you into fire and water ... She really does not exist, but it's worth looking.


There is a constant pleading in her eyes. She is not able to overcome even a minor obstacle (puddle, for example). You go to cinemas (films are melodramas). Sex - when mom leaves for the country, the pose is classic. He responds to all your non-heroic actions with a silent reproach. The place of rest is no matter where, as long as there are beautiful sunsets. Possesses the intelligence of a ciliate and the vitality of a pineapple in the Arctic Circle. The most common type ... And dangerous, because predators often disguise themselves as it. To recognize a predator disguising as a snow maiden, offer her a choice of 2 dishes in a restaurant, if she thinks for more than 7 minutes, then it is not a predator.


Her clothes are comfortable, soft and discreet. Habitat - visiting mutual friends. She always has a new toothbrush, slippers, and a bathrobe for you. She loves to cook very much: everything that she puts on the table, except beer, she cooked herself, be sure. The underwear is complemented by hand-made embroidery. She doesn't work, she devotes all her time to household chores: your shirt is flawlessly ironed, there is a hot dinner on the table, and your apartment shines clean. Her life is quiet, calm and contented. She is hard to find because she rarely goes outside. You need to look for her through your elderly aunt, grandmother, etc.


Drives a car, constantly in business. He may not show up for a date, but he will definitely convey the message. Constantly encrypted, admits mystery. Likes to take the initiative into his own hands ... in everything. He knows how to quickly bring you to your senses. Always finds the best way out of the situation. She trusts you to do some of the little things. If you gravitate towards this type, choose the light version, which usually sits in the editorial offices of popular magazines, it is more harmless, more often inclined not to aggressive actions, but to fantasies and confusion. To give out belonging to this type, she just needs to open her mouth.


One piercing look into the eyes of this girl is enough for you to come up to you on her own. She is always wearing a minimum of clothes and a complete lack of underwear. Even after two hours of non-stop sex, she will have the strength to continue. She will allow you to get on the side, she can even provide her friend for these purposes, because she knows better than she you will definitely not find.