The ideal woman through the eyes of men: who is taken as a wife

The ideal woman through the eyes of men: who is taken as a wife is a small interesting article that will explain all the main features of a girl that are valued by men.

Since most women are quite mistaken, but they clearly think what men need: chest, figure and rich dad. In fact, the ideal woman through the eyes of men, and especially in the role of men, is just a sweet girl. That's all. Seemingly. But in reality, everything is not so simple. There are several important criteria that men follow on their first date and or during their acquaintance. Following these rules, you can easily become the most desirable, the very "cute" girl for any normal man who is looking for a long-term relationship.


An ideal woman through the eyes of men should be able to listen and be attentive to her interlocutor. Not surprisingly, many men get annoyed when their girlfriends talk on the phone or text someone during a date. And it doesn't annoy someone! If a man tells a girl about the situation that has happened to him, he expects her reaction, because he is very concerned about his opinion on this matter. Thus, the satellite needs to provide feedback. So it's worth focusing.


Few people love deceitful people. Rather, no one. Men expect maximum honesty in communication. The ideal woman must be truthful in the eyes of a man. If she doesn't like the dish he ordered at the restaurant, it's better to be honest about it. If she is not a fan of hard rock, then you should not put up with frantic rhythms. You shouldn't shut yourself up and sweep away all the "dust" that has accumulated in your head under the carpet. Sooner or later, an impressive pile of garbage will collect there, which is difficult to get rid of.

Calm, only calm

Keep calm and keep up the good work: wonderful phrase! And it is based on real life. If a man considers his girlfriend as a potential wife, this already means that he takes her seriously. He cares about her, thinks about her, spends a lot of time, material resources and energy on her. Yes, after all, he simply loves her! She is the creature that makes him the happiest person who has ever walked on earth. And for a man it means a lot. However, all human beings, having given something, demand a lot in return. So it is with men. If he gives everything, then in return he will not be enough just a hand. He also needs the heart of his chosen one. She should be a real companion, a life companion. If she wants to be treated accordingly. Stability is the key to healthy relationships, and the trait of the ideal woman in the eyes of men.


Pretty simple, isn't it? Nobody likes gloomy and grumpy people who constantly complain about their fate. The future spouses will have to share everything: the bed, the bathroom, the kitchen, the car, finally. And if one of the partners constantly looks at life from a negative point of view, and there is no place for positive in his life, then those around him become unbearable with him. Of course, it is necessary and important to tell the truth, but it is also important for men that their chosen ones are more positive. It is enough to imagine how unpleasant it is to call and meet people who always have only negative and bad moods on their minds. And what is it like for a man to live with such a person who is always unhappy with everything.

Only love, nothing else

Everything always returns to love. But what can I say: it seems that the whole planet is spinning only in the name of love and at the expense of it. So is a man: he wants love from a woman first of all. Love is, in fact, a synonym for marriage, one of its definitions. Thus, it is imperative that spouses have the same feelings for each other. And the experience of marriage should be mutually positive. Indeed, very rarely marriages are concluded for other reasons. And, as you know, the saying will endure - fall in love, very rarely works. And if there is no love in a marriage, but only finances or common children, then they quickly disintegrate or make both partners unhappy for life. So only love will save the world.