Seven things to keep in mind when making decisions

Seven things to keep in mind when making decisions, because decisions are what transforms your thoughts and ideas into reality. How your future life will develop depends on them. That is why they are not easy for many, but for some they are a real headache.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making decisions:

1. Agree that there is no right or wrong solution. There is only a choice and the consequences of that choice. The consequences are neither good nor bad, they just are. You cannot choose the wrong path

2. Understand that you cannot know in advance what will happen. No human being is perfect, and life is not a mathematical equation with only one correct solution. She is unpredictable. So just make a choice and wait for the consequences.

3. Flip coin to make your decision. This is only frivolous at first glance. In fact, this method makes it clear what you really want and helps you make the right decision. If the coin fell tails, and the first thought that came to your mind is why not heads, do the opposite. If the dropped option made you happy, do not doubt your choice

4. Rely on your sixth sense. Your subconscious mind wants only the best for you, listen to it

5. When making decisions, do not go against yourself. Do only what you really want to do. You must be firmly convinced that the choice you make is fully in your interests.

6. Don't underestimate yourself. Remember how many problems you have already overcome and how many decisions you have made in this regard. You have the most important thing - your invaluable life experience. Keep this in mind and don't be afraid to make decisions. Be confident in yourself and your strength

7. Take Action - this is the best solution in any, even the most difficult situations. Go the way you want to go ...