The greatest delusions of humanity (Interesting)

The greatest delusions of mankind or rather some firms that were one step before the bright discoveries but ignored referring to ridiculous delusions and arguments. We must read it because I think it will be interesting for everyone, and you will be stunned at how people can be mistaken, overlooking, ignoring and not noticing the great chances that life presents to them.

1. “The device called the“ telephone ”has too many flaws to be seriously considered as a means of communication. Therefore, this invention is of no value to us ”(Western Union memo, 1876).

2. "We don't like the way they sound, and the guitar is a thing of the past" (Decca record company rejected the Beatles album in 1962).

3. "The turntable ... has no commercial value" (Thomas Edison shares his impressions of his invention with assistant Sam Insull, 1880).

4. “Sensible and responsible women will never want to vote” (Grover Cleivent, 1905).

5. “It’s an empty dream to think that… cars will take the place of railways in the transport of… passengers” (American Congress on Roads, 1913).

6. "Man can never tame the power of the atom, it is absolutely impossible" (Robert Millikan, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, 1920).

7 "It is ridiculous to think that the United States can make the Kennedy plan to land a man on the moon in 1970" (New Scientist, April 30, 1964).

8. “This bomb will never go off. I say this as an explosives specialist. ”(Admiral William Leahy, US Atomic Bomb Project, 1943).

9. “This wireless music box has no commercial value. Who will pay for messages that are not intended for a private person? " (partners of David Sarnov in response to his offer to invest in a radio project, 1920s).

10. "People don't need a computer at home." (Ken Olsen, President, Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977) "Who wants to hear actors speak on a screen?" (Garia Warner, founder of Warner Brothers Pictures, 1927).

11. “I think there is a demand for five computers in the world market” (Thomas Watson, director of IBM, 1943).

12. "Flying in machines heavier than air is impractical and useless, if not impossible" (Simon Newcomb, astronomer, 1902).

13. Man will never go to the moon, despite the development of science in the future "(Dr. Lee de Forest, inventor, 1957).

14. "Aircraft heavier than air are, in principle, impossible" (Lord Kelvin, President of the Royal Society of Science, 1895).

15. “640 KB of computer memory is enough for everyone” (Bill Gates, 1981).