How to enter Earth's orbit right from the yard?

If you think about the Cosmos and heavenly space, then the following question arises: is it possible to enter the orbit of our Earth directly from the courtyard of the house? It will seem to many that no. But it is so! Smart and resourceful guys with the help of remarkable ingenuity and a balloon were able to get pictures from orbit!

Nineteen-year-old British student Adam Cadworth and a friend took a photo of the Earth with a used camera he bought from the famous eBay website and a hand-made machine with a GPS signal transmitter, a microprocessor, a tiny video camera and several solar panels.

It took Adam only forty hours to build this device. The student placed the camera in an insulated box and, on a gel balloon, sent it into the sky at a height of twenty miles (this distance is approximately equal to thirty-three thousand meters). After the photographs were finished, it was necessary to determine the place where the camera landed back. GPS navigator helped the guys in this.

“A lot of people think it takes millions of dollars for this kind of trick, but I've shown you can do it for just £ 200. Such is the price of getting amazing photos of the Earth, ”the Briton told the Telegraph.