The Brazilian's skull has acquired the shape of a brain

The skull of the Brazilian has acquired the shape of a brain, how is this possible we read further ...

What is not rich in our mother nature and what diseases does not have in her chest. Sometimes it is not even clear where it all comes from and how to treat it. Many doctors are at a loss, and patients suffer from pain, which makes them very sad and sincerely sorry for the sufferers.

A couple of years ago, a resident of Britain, who lived in this world for twenty-one years, looked quite normal and did not differ from other representatives of humanity. But after a while he was struck by a rather rare ailment called "folded pachidemia".

Because of this disease, the scalp of a Briton is similar to the brain. In the occipital and parietal region, rough and painful folds of skin appeared, which are very reminiscent of the brain convolutions and the kernel of a walnut. However, the young man is not afraid of his defect. He is not in the least ashamed of this, that he did not even have thoughts of hiding his head under various types of hats. Oddly enough, the guy is even proud of his brain-like skull.

This disease is most often affected by men. As a rule, it develops soon after puberty. The unpleasant fact is that the causes of this ailment are still unknown. To improve the appearance of the head, you can resort to a number of plastic surgeries, but this "pleasure" is by no means cheap.