What types of relationships do you have?

What types of relationships do you have? - a small article that has absorbed all the most common with a brief description of their main differences.

PEACEFUL RELATIONSHIP. At first glance, it may seem that this is the most ideal relationship. From the outside, everything looks smooth, it seems that the relationship in a couple is built solely on mutual understanding, respect for each other and tolerance. In fact, this kind of relationship is inherent in couples who have lived together for at least 3 years. And in some cases, such “calmness” in a relationship may indicate the partners' indifference to each other. But, if there is a warm relationship in this couple, then a little emotion “to shake it up” will not hurt them, otherwise it’s too boring.

TYRANIC. This is a relationship based on constant scandals. Partners in these relationships are absolutely selfish, everyone pulls the blanket over themselves. Such a relationship can lead either to drama, or, if both are satisfied with everything, then they can last long enough.

PASSIONATE. They are inherent mainly in relationships in the stage of falling in love. In general, over time, such relationships become calmer.

ENERGY. In such a couple, relationships are built on joint leisure, they have the same hobbies. They spend all their free time next to each other, pursuing a joint hobby. Everything seems to be fine, only after a few years of living together, the relationship is no longer like love, but just friendship.

PLATONIC - relationships built on a high spiritual level. Despite the almost complete absence of physical attraction of partners to each other, such a relationship is famous for the sufficient strength of the union.

VISITING. This is when in public they are trying to create the impression of an ideal family, and being alone, people do not want to be with each other at all. This is evidenced by the lack of love between partners, at least even unilaterally, i.e. when one loves, and the other allows himself to be loved.

VERSATILE. This is one of the most common forms of relationship. At the same time, there is a constant inconsistency in relations: today people live in peace and harmony, and tomorrow a scandal may break out between them without any objective reason. But, despite this, such relationships are quite strong and long-lasting, often a lifetime.