What is "musical tremor"? (Explanation of scientists)

Scientists recently coined a new term "Musical tremor" and tried to explain this phenomenon in the most accessible way, which each of us must have experienced. This term is called the physical reactions of our body that occur during the period of listening to the most beloved pieces of music.

What exactly are the reactions? This is rapid breathing and palpitations, even a slight increase in body temperature, trembling "goose bumps".

What is the reason for all this?

And one of our hormones is to blame for everything - dopamine, it is released when eating food, when using drugs or when making love. It affects our brain and gives us a feeling of happiness - euphoria. It would seem that music does not have any special influence on a person, but fact is fact.

Scientists are now in the process of figuring out the reason for this strange reaction in our brains to music. We will look forward to what they will come to and what scientific results they will please us with. After all, it is not enough for them to simply enjoy the sounds caressing the ear ...