Men and women - we are so different ...

Women and men - we are so different ... After reading, we summarize: who is easier?)

Women eat while talking, men talk while eating.

Women swim and men swim. Therefore, some have swimsuits, others have swimming trunks.

When a man cheats, he is a scoundrel. When a woman is cunning, she is wise.

A divorced man is free. A divorced woman is lonely.

A man with money is a person. A woman with money is a man.

A man takes everything in life by force, and a woman - by intrigue.

The happiness of a man - I want it. The happiness of a woman - he wants it!

Men don't like love without sex, women don't like sex without love.

Men are brothers in mind, women are sisters in misfortune.

Women have dreams, men have plans.

It is enough for a woman to play, for a man only to win.

Women hide their age, men hide their income.

A man loves with his eyes, a woman with his ears.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and to a woman's heart is through a boutique. Or a registry office.

Women lose weight, men - swing.

Women hate an empty refrigerator and an empty mailbox, men hate an empty bottle and wallet.


Do we have something in common?

Yes. We are all looking for our soul mate. And we all want to be happy. And let some love with their eyes, and others with ears, the organ of love for both is the heart ...