Intuitive actions are aimed at the benefit of other people.

Intuitive actions are aimed at the good of other people - such a conclusion was put forward by scientists from Yale and Harvard universities from all possible scientific fields, they are sure that human actions based on intuition are aimed at the good of the people around them. And in a long and careful pondering of situations, they carry an egoistic overtones.

All actions of people and their behavior are associated with 2 processes: thinking and intuition. Reflection generates efforts that are associated with evaluating the results and outcomes of possible lines of behavior, profit and cost. Intuition, on the other hand, arises instantly, by itself, it does not require any effort. The researchers wondered if people can suppress natural selfishness and do good deeds for others?

To answer this question, an experiment was organized, to which 834 people were invited. They had to choose a personal benefit or a benefit for other people. As a result, the fastest and least deliberate actions were for cooperation, and slow reflections showed the presence of selfishness. And yet the first thoughts of people are aimed at the good of others!