Most redheads are found in countries with cold and humid climates.

Ginger people are most common in countries with cold and humid climates. British scientists were interested in why many red-haired people live in northern Europe and they conducted a small study that more people with this hair color are born in countries where the climate is mostly cold and rainy.

The Scots are in the lead in this respect. In this country, thirteen percent of the total redhead population. Next come the Irish with ten percent, and then only the British with six percent. Scientists say this is due to a lack of sunlight.

As a rule, all northern people are very light-skinned. Also with people with red hair - they have just such a snow-white skin, which in most cases is sensitive to sunlight, and also often have freckles. "

Scientists have established such a pattern that where it rains more often and there are many bodies of water nearby (England, Norway, Sweden, etc.), red-haired people appear there. Now it remains to understand why this gene is activated in these natural conditions.

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