What is the largest number of newborns?

Children are called the flowers of life, but it also happens that this very life gives us whole bouquets of such flowers. At weddings, as is customary, they wish to have as many children as possible, it happens that these wishes come true. For some, the birth of twins is a pleasant surprise, for others it is an accidental inevitability, but for some it is a serious test. If a trio or even a quadruple is born to someone in the family, all the local media spread this good news throughout the area. After all, fate does not often reward someone with such an unusual "ticket".

There are also incredibly unusual cases in the world associated with the number of babies born. It happened that 6, 7 and even 8 babies were born. It's hard to believe, but it's true. Surely, you are wondering how many newborn babies are born at the same time?

In the city of Sydney, Australia. In 1971, on June 13, nine children appeared at the light, the woman's name was Geraldine Brodick. She would have become a wonderful mother of five boys and four girls, if not for one, two of the boys were born already dead, and the rest died within 6 days.

But this did not change, records were also found about the birth of ten babies in Spain in the distant 1924, which is not surprising in China (1936), as well as Brazil (1946). As it turned out, this was not a limitation.

The record for ultra-fertility was the extraction of 15 embryos from the uterus, ten of which were girls and five were boys. The Roman doctor Gennaro Montanino described this case. At that time, the gestation period was about 4 months, the reason for such fertility, in his opinion, was the use of contraceptive pills.