5 major mistakes in our diet

5 main mistakes in our nutrition and how to fix it is described in this article, we read and leave our feedback on how true the technique is and is it valid at all ...

First mistake: eating right

In nutrition, the very first mistake is that people do not have enough variety in nutrition, but although the basic substances of food must be balanced, they are in sufficient quantities and among themselves in the right proportions. People who prefer to eat more meat and meat products, various cereals, bakery products, do not act correctly, because food substances must enter our body in a certain amount.

Milk, which removes toxins from our body and is saturated with a large amount of vitamins, amino acids and high nutritional value, is underestimated by us and is not sufficiently included in our diet. Dairy products, such as cheese, cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, can be obtained at any time of the year, and are also useful for people of any age. These foods are the foundation of our healthy nutrition.

Unfortunately, in our time, many people very rarely include fish in their diet, and it is very rich in vitamins and proteins, has a low calorie content and high digestibility in comparison with meat products. For proper nutrition, we must definitely consume river and sea fish, preferably in a boiled form, but sometimes you can indulge yourself in a fried form. We also often underestimate vegetable fats, which are fortified with Vitamins F and lower blood cholesterol.

Remember that for proper nutrition, we do not have to pay attention to any one food, but we must monitor the use of sufficient quantities and a certain ratio of essential nutrients between ourselves.

Second mistake: moderation in food should be observed

The most common in various countries is the satellite of diabetes - obesity, the process of losing weight which can be accelerated due to various nutrients that trigger metabolic processes that are blocked. The most important are citric acid, inositol, chromium, methionine, coenzyme, L-carnitine, etc. The diets developed by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have proven themselves to be fermented milk, low-fat fish, poultry, vegetable soups, rye and protein-bran bread, fruits and vegetables, seafood.

Many people are mistaken in thinking that overeating leads to obesity. But in fact, even a slight constant excess of the allowed calories leads to weight gain. Also, people are hurt when they reduce the amount of food they consume, because fat metabolism is disturbed, drowsiness appears and work capacity decreases.

We all immediately have the question "How much food can a person eat daily?" less than energy costs.

It is also important to accustom yourself to the order of food consumption, to monitor your weight, to engage in sports and physical activity. In order for a person weighing 70 kg to lose 44 grams of fat obtained from exceeding the calories consumed by 400 kcal, it is necessary to arrange a diligent run for about an hour.

Third error: power mode cannot be violated

As we can see, many people, unfortunately, are poorly acquainted with the correct order of food intake and often violate this process. Due to the indiscriminate consumption of food, the harmonious work of our digestive organs is disturbed, gastrointestinal diseases are caused, etc.

From the studies shown, it can be concluded that proper nutrition is eating four times a day every 4 hours. A very important element of the proper nutrition regime is: Eating food strictly at the set time, the correct rhythm. The order of eating should be similar to the work schedule. It is necessary to adapt in such a way that food is taken before work at lunchtime and after. Therefore, it is impossible to come up with the same mode of eating for everyone.

Fourth error: not everyone has written rules for eds

It is often observed that people look at nutrition as an overdue duty. For them, the condition of the meal does not matter and the observance of the rules of eating is not important.

Nutritionists, solving this problem, put forward several simple but important requirements:

1. Thorough washing of hands and change of dirty clothes before eating.

2. It is necessary for the body to rest in order to eat in a calm state.

3. It is necessary to make an appetizing arrangement: beautiful table setting, quiet pleasant music.

4. At the table, you need to avoid serious conversations, reading.

5. It is necessary to quench your thirst before eating by drinking tea, water, juice.

6. When eating, do not rush, but chew it thoroughly.

7. After eating, rinse your mouth thoroughly.

8. For hot drinks or food, the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees, and for chilled drinks not less than 9 degrees.

9. It is necessary to follow the work of the intestine, at least once a day, preferably in the morning.

Fifth mistake: you need to be able to make the menu correctly

Eating a healthy diet means consuming food wisely in practice. Planning your meals should be done at least for the day, but it would be better for the week. In this case, you need to follow the average daily foods recommended by nutritionists. It is also necessary to ensure that the food is not difficult to prepare and is in line with the family's budget.