15 THINGS men like to say to women

15 THINGS men would like to say to women:

1. We never leave women with whom we feel good. And even from those with whom it was once good - not right away.

2. We understand in women half as much as we would like. But twice as much as you think.

3. Most of us can do laundry. As well as ironing, dusting and even cooking something acceptable for yourself. Therefore, we do not need women's help with the housework so much as to endure quarrelsomeness and disrespect for this.

4. We are not afraid of strong women. We just don't like them, just as you don't like weak men. Both of these types are flawed, so they easily converge: a pair of a strong woman and a weak man is not uncommon, but rather a classic.

5. If a man seems to be a non-initiative mattress, maybe he just does not want you. Yes, that happens too! We are capable of either inflating a peacock's tail or hibernating, depending on the situation.

6. Reflections of a friend about the fate of the world and the futility of existence should alert you. They can be a symptom of prostatitis!

7. A girl yelling at a waiter does not inspire our respect. And only disappointment on the verge of disgust.

8. Sometimes we really know what we are doing. Even when you hate to admit it.

9. We can resignedly and for a long time fulfill all your whims. But sometimes it's just curiosity - how far you can go in your selfishness. Organizational conclusions usually follow from the results.

10. There are approximately three billion women in the world. Moreover, there are much more beautiful among them than among men - smart and successful. We remember this when they demand too much of us and give too little.

11. Not all of us consider female plumpness to be a disadvantage. With age, this question interests us less and less.

12. Each of us most of all values ​​accessibility in women. But only if this accessibility is for him alone. Forgive us for this paradox.

13. If one of us takes a girl to a restaurant, it doesn't mean anything. Likewise, smiles, jokes and other light flirting mean nothing. We look at you in the same way as you look at us.

14. We, too, sometimes engage in laughter when we don't really want to. Just so as not to offend. If you decide to go to bed with us only when you see fit, we can do the same. And the laughter will become very good, only everyone has their own.

15. We are not blind and notice your unshaven legs, unpainted hair roots and other little things.

We just don't give a damn about it if we are really passionate about you.