Forerunner of forums and chats (Article)

Probably for many young and young people it will be surprising to know that forums and chats existed long before the emergence and popularization of the Internet in Russia.

Earlier, newspapers were published in which there were sections for communication. People shared their impressions, thoughts, and those whose fantasies were not very much attracted attention with unkind responses and arrivals at everyone.

A small coupon contained a huge stream of information. It took a long time to wait: first, when they publish (if, of course, they can sort out the scribbles), then the answers. It took months!

There was, of course, an alternative way out to go to a get-together. But as a rule, those who wrote rarely went there, because they were introverts.

I was also fortunate enough to feel the charm of all this!

Now, turning over the yellowed pages of the newspaper Figaro (Perm) and rereading the heading "T-AT" I return to those times where words had a spiritual value and each was hatched before it got on the paper.

The skills acquired during communication in the newspaper came in handy later on forums and chats on the World Wide Web.

Have you ever heard of this kind of communication? Did you take part yourself? Would you like to feel it yourself?