Through advertising, we learned that ...

Advertising (from Lat. Reclamare - "to assert, shout out, protest") - information disseminated in any way, in any form and using any means, addressed to an indefinite circle of people and aimed at drawing attention to the advertised object, generating or maintaining interest in it and its promotion in the market. (wikipedia)

Through advertising, we learned that:

1. Each girl in a bright dress carries a two-liter Vanish in her purse.

2. People living in huge, well-furnished apartments eat Rollton noodles.

3. It's time to create a 99 ruble note.

4. A good housewife always has dirty tiles in the bathroom, rusty taps, stoves and toilets.

5. Beavers, smoked with alpine grass, ride on bears.

6. A huge talking dumpling can live in the freezer.

7. Our main problem is dandruff.

8. If two small children deliberately stain a hated white shirt, then it is not the father who will come with a pack of luli, but the aunt with the powder.

9. The brain periodically visits the Stomach.

10. People can talk to margarine.

Order the production of advertising structures in the "Nelson" company