Bass men are popular with women

Bass men are popular with women - this was proved by a number of experiments conducted by the Doctor of Anthropology Episella Coren. For the study, a hunter's fish living in the north of Tanzania was selected. During the experiment, the women of the plaque listened to the voices of the men in the recording. The majority of female representatives chose men with lower voices when asked “from a man with what voice would you like to have a child”. They motivated this by the fact that men with a low tone of voice make the impression of excellent hunters.

At the same time, men, after listening to women's voices, stopped their choice on girls with a higher pitch of voice. In fertile men, the holder of a high voice is associated with youth and health.

With this experiment, Episella Coren only confirmed the results of many scientific studies. Statistically, men with a lower tone of voice have more children. A low voice in a man is an indicator of a high number of male sex hormones.