Toothless rodents - early unknown species

A group of biologists has discovered in the mountain tropic forests of the Indian island of Sulavesi an earlier unknown species of amazing rats. The main feature of these animals is the almost complete absence of teeth, which strikingly distinguishes these rats from all their soroids. This structure of the mouth cavity makes it possible to consider them as the only toothless gnawers in the world who simply have nothing to bite.

The outside caught rats are similar to ordinary urban gray rats. They differ only in elongated mouth, reminiscent of a trunk and larger ears. In the oral cavity of this animal there are only two sharp front cutters, which the rat uses as a knife. The toothless rodent feeds on earthworms and cuts them into pieces during the meal, after which it swallows small pieces.

A characteristic feature of common rodents is the unique structure of their teeth. They are constantly growing and therefore rats can chew all in a row. In many ways, thanks to this quality, they can get food for themselves.